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After driving 200 miles, 50 miles x4, I am still not happy with my hair, and there is no reason for it.

I came there with my root touch up formula, from my previous Aveda salon in ATL. For some reason, the supervisor changed 2 of the ingredient ‘numbers’. When I stated I wanted it exactly as it’s written, as I’ve used this formula for years without issue, I was told this would be better.

Instead of just doing a root retouch, she started pulling the color through to the bottom of my hair. When I realized what she was doing, I asked her if she knew I was only getting a root touch up. ‘No, you are due for a full color touch up’.

I went in with light blond ish/reddish. I left with dark brown, one tone. Not good. Was there for 6 hours. Almost as long as the student!

Needless to say, I was not happy. Our schedules worked out for me to return 3 days later.

This time, I got thin, foils, except instead of using an Aveda color, she used straight up bleach. I absolutely was not happy.

After another 6 hours, and a few attempts at different toners, I couldn’t let them touch my hair anymore.

I had booked a facial, which was amazing.

Unfortunately, as soon as I looked at my hair again, I was back to being super stressed.

I specifically requested senior people, they did check with their instructors, but did not tell me what was going on. I thought my recipe would be followed, and I had no idea straight bleach was used vs a light Aveda color.

Since my 200 mile odyssey, I drove another 35 miles each way to another Aveda salon to purchase a $40 bottle of Color Renewal in blonde. Minimal change to my now dull, ash toned hair. To say nothing of how dry and fried it feels.

Shame on me - I definitely got way worse than I paid for.

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Unfortunately, it has gone downhill. Aveda used to be great. I used to have great experiences every time I would go. I loved Aveda. Aveda is more expensive now and less friendly. It is hit or miss with the service now. A few months ago I had a student take their bad day out on me totally unprovoked. It was shocking and

it was unprofessional and a bad experience. I ended up having to go to another student in middle of service. The teachers were made aware and made it up to me which I did not ask for the record. I gave Aveda more chances but I feel things have changed so much the quality is no longer there like it used to be.

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Is not what it used to be. Prices are way higher. Tbe worst part for me is the hospitality is not what it used to be at all. Last couple of times I have gone were very disappointing. One time I went I had a student that was having a bad day and took it out on me. I was mostly quiet the whole time. She was very unprofessional and it made me uncomfortable. I should have never come back after that. I keep thinking it is hit and miss when it comes to service but there have been too many misses lately.

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Asked for cut & color & was very clear that I wanted to remain a blonde & showed a pic. I now have med brown & a red tint. Upset doesn't quite explain how I feel. Since the teacher gives the student the mixture recipe I hold the teacher at fault who was not the person cking me out.

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I had a root touch up; hair stylist was knowledgeable and service was performed in an efficient and professional manner

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Always awesome experience with all services!

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I had a great experience and would recommend. Will be coming back for future maintenance.

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Student was being trained doing men cut for first time

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The new plant stem cell facial was amazing my skin is glowing! Highly recommend!

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Excellent hair cut today. I love that Aveda does a hand massage before the haircut and always takes the time to find out exactly what you want done.