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I always leave with beautiful soft hair. I had Bridget' update my balayage. She was awesome.

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My hairstylist was not wearing a mask and when she took me to wash my hair she was breathing over my face and I asked her have you been vaccinated? And she looked at me and said no. I was stunned, I said would you mind going and putting a mask on? And she said that she left it at home. I told her that I was sure that the school had masks if she would like to go ask for one and she seemed resistant.I still cannot believe that you allow your students to put somebody at risk like that and I don’t know if I will ever be back and I have been coming to this school for almost 10 years.

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Very informative about my hair

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Firstly, I wld like to share how much I love Aveda brand I’ve been using your products and getting my hair done at salons since I was 17!!

I believe in this line and everything it stands for.

I travel throughout the state often so I stop by the schools for different services at different times.

Most recently I’ve been to Jax & Orlando.

I must say that management ibas gotten laxed.

I’ve experienced negative hair results that came directly from the lead not the student in (Orlando) also, facials in both Jax and Orlando.

What I must say is that the experience was sub par compared to the recent facial experience I had @ Aveda Tampa.

The lead there is doing an amazing job! I believe she should be teaching all facials departments to operate the same way as their school. The difference is noticeable.

Most recently during this current visit in Jax I had to experience a spa service while the door was open. It was not so great as the barber students I was told were hanging out in the “quiet” spa area. However, they weren’t quiet or respectful to listen to their lead after she asked them multiple times tl keep it down.

My concern is that management may be too laxed if students refuse to respect the quiet time of a service area.

This is very important to a spa experience. We don’t want the art of relaxation during learning to be lost. It’s one of the main goals and motivations to learning. It was sad to experience how this is being lost. I was also told during my service I wasn’t the only guest to express the same disdain.

I understand due to Covid certain open door policies have to be in place or what not. However, we’re still practicing being guest in obtaining an active spa service and quiet is an important part of this process that our students need to remember to maintain in value.

Thank you.

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I got there at 10.50 for a 11 am appointment was taken back and I was there till after six !! Way to long and my hair like soso the student didn’t come up to the scalp and there’s at least a half an inch from all the way around where she could’ve gone up further I don’t blame her I blame the fact that the teacher didn’t come around more she came once showed her how to do it left came back again when the girl went to get her to show her to do something else and that was it so very disappointed !!

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Know going in you are assignment for students. What an excellent experience. I love that I am getting my hair done while simultaneously helping the students get the experience they need to excel in their passion. I got my hair cut by Madison and she was kind, outgoing and personable.

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I like the place and the staff are very helpful . I would love to join their school soon .

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Jocelyn was so professional and friendly. I hadn't had a facial in 25 years! She made the whole process quite painless haha. I did start getting a little antsy waiting on the table for the Trainer but it wasn't that bad. I have already recommended Aveda and would go back. It's always about the people.

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The appointment was great! My stylist did a great job and I love my haircut.

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Very nice experience. Very professional and I was very pleased when I left