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Student was pleasant and professional. However way to slow

Appt 1100 . I was having a color retouch, trim and then added gloss. When I noticed the time I was shocked. It was 12:40. I had a phone appointment with my mom’s doctor at 1 pm that could not be missed. I hadnt even had my color washed out yet. I told her and she talked with her instructor. Plan: Rinse and gloss then I could attend phone appt. return to finish. I appreciated the students willingness to adjust her time to serve me and do her best. They phone appt took longer then expected. Returned to chair at 1:45. I changed my mind due to time to just have her dry my hair and not trim. I was not done until 2:30. Then I had an issue at the check out. In your pamphlet it says $ 36 to $ 46 for retouch my bill was $74 minus $20 discount I had bring it to $54. I asked how it got to be $74? Was the price in pamphlet are where is starts. Wanted an receipt that said charges not just amount. Discovered that I was charged for haircut. Then she said that would be a credit of $2. After she left and talked to instructor came back and said so it will be a credit of $8. I was just needing to go so I stop inquiring as to how color retouch amount was reached. Check out person said its what they have put down. But I have to say this is the first time I have been extremely dissatisfied with Aveda experience. I will be asking before service is render the exact amount I will be charged. And as a side note it makes it hard to get gift certificates for people when I cant look at your prices and say ok if I want to give xxx so I want to get gift certificate of $x so the person wont have to pay for their service that was a gift. Also it would be good to tell people to plan on x amount of time for their appt. so they can plan other things in their day accordingly.

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When I arrived and checked in for my 60-minute massage, I had to wait about 15 minutes which was fine. When I actually got into the massage room after using the bathroom I noticed her tablet said 42 minutes and she set it up next to the massage table. She did a great job with the massage and then when the timer went off she shut it off and maybe finished up about 3 or 4 more minutes. I thought the actual massage would be 60 minutes? I thought this a bit odd

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From the minute we were greeted when we walked to checkout, everything was fabulous! My 14 year old daughter absolutely loved Josie, who did her hair, and I have to say she did a phenomenal job! My daughter looked just beautiful. Thank you so very much Josie for making her feel so special!

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I was very satisfied with my massage. Ludi is a very proffered and she performed a fantastic massage on my body.

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Excellent Servic

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Amazing service. Can't wait to go back in two weeks.

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Overall great attention to detail:)

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Brittany T. Was amazing !

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I've been to this institute before and thus time was a little lacking. My greeting upon entering was standard. When my stylist (Crystal) came for me, she was very quiet. Good thing I was standing close by. Her evaluation was very scripted and she didn't really look at my hair. She was meticulous throughout the entire cut and did a good job. Overall, I'm happy with the cut, she just needs to put a little personality into it.

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Very good experience with instructor and students