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5 stars Customer since 2011

The service providers (Students & Teacher) were wonderful! The students were very caring and accommodating. Especially in terms of providing the service in both English and Spanish. This was my first time ever getting a facial. I (& my mom) enjoyed it greatly. The facilities were clean, all safety protocols were followed. The appointment process and the payment was optimal. The products used and the end result of my facial were great. It truly felt like a pampering hour, where I was able to relax, professionally tend to my skin feel and ultimately improve the condition of my skin. Thank you!

1 stars Customer since 2018

Not good. Educator didn't listen to me except on one thing because she agreed with me in it . Pushed services I didn't want. Tried to tell me what's best for me. Added additional charges I've never seen or paid. The student wasn't capable of doing the needed work just yet. The hair wasn't lifted at all. 4 hours of my time wasted completely because it all has to be redone. Tried to comb my very thick tangled hair with the toner in it with a fine tooth comb. I got scolded by the educator for wanting to style my own hair because usually it gets ruined if done by someone else because the students aren't taught about curly hair and how not to disturb the curl pattern.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Great staff and student. The instructor was so pleasant. I look forward to returning.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Jocelyn was amazing! Very thorough!

5 stars Customer since 2010

My student and her instructor worked very hard to get my hair just like I wanted it. It wasn't easy because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted! I needed a transition cut as I go from short hair to long. We had to stop and consult several times during the cut to figure out the best way to transition from very short hair to long.

5 stars Verified customer

Michelle was great!

5 stars Verified customer

I had a great experience at the Aveda Institute - my hair dresser Belkis was very sweet and did a great job washing, cutting, and blow drying my hair. It took a while just because she’s still learning and I had a lot of hair, but was totally worth it for such an affordable cut and a lovely experience. I liked that the teachers came around to check things were going ok during the cut.

5 stars Customer since 2020

The Aveda student who cut my hair, Belkis, was very professional and did a super job. Highly recommend Aveda Institute!

4 stars Customer since 2008

Nice staff, mentor them factually helped students with their haircut and checked progress, nice environment, good haircut. Only downside is Aveda needs to get their call centers integrated with the teaching salons so modifications get made

1 stars Customer since 2016

Let me start by saying that I was a regular patron at the Aveda Institute when it was located in DC. I had great experiences and never had a truly bad haircut until my first visit to the new Arlington location. I came in with my example picture for the stylist of a haircut that I've had many times in the past. At the end of my haircut my hair looked nothing like the picture I had brought in. And the instructor, instead of stepping in to help the student get closer to the picture told me "No haircut looks exactly like the picture". This looked nothing like what I asked for. I asked for lots of layers and I ended up with what looked like a blunt cut with a face framing chunk. The instructor also told me "That each haircut is a learning experience for the student". At which point I started crying because I felt like I was being told that this haircut was my fault. I had to ask the instructor to please fix the cut, add more layers, and try to blend the chunk in with the rest of the cut. Which she should have stepped and done to offer the student a "learning experience" after I first expressed that I wasn't pleased with the results. I feel like this location doesn't offer as much supervision and instructor-student interaction as the DC location did. This haircut wouldn't have happened at the DC location because the instructors were always circulating, checking in with the students, asking them questions, and demonstrating techniques before and after the student started cutting. I will probably be back because as an educator myself I believe in what the Aveda Institute is doing, but it will definitely be a while.