93.4% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Julene did amazing on my haircut! Would recommend to anyone. I'll definitely be going back to see her

3 stars Verified customer

This is the only experience I've had here where I felt the student lacked a professional demeanor. After I left I realized I had not been offered a hand massage. Her body language expressed boredom when receiving feedback from her instructor and she asked ME how dry you're supposed to diffuse the hair. I understand she's still learning, but if she had a question, she should have asked the instructor and not the guest.

1 stars Customer since 2014

It wouldn't let me do zero stars. Rate my apt? What apt? My facial as awesome as usual; Tessa is the best. Then I had an apt for color with Jenny. I waited back out in the exception area for 45 min to the. Be taken back for my color. Jenny apologized (it wasn't her fault they over booked or som). But then the instructor and manager acted like I was crazy to think they had time to do my hair now as it was too late, and as if I were late to my apt. Not even an I'm sorry until I made a scene and told them off. This was the most unbelievable, unprofessional, way I have been treated at a business. The manager even noticed I was waiting out there for quite awhile. I didn't know who she was, but..... ummmm shouldn't she have wondered what I was doing for so long and what was I scheduled for as it was getting late????

1 stars Customer since 2014

The student proving s ervices acted in a professional manner. I find the Vancouver campus clean and organized.

5 stars Customer since 2011

Great cut and she really took her time straightening​ my very curly hair!

4 stars Customer since 2015

Lilia & Raven were great working together to color my hair. They made the experience pleasant as they work together so well. I would recommmend them!

3 stars Customer since 2014

I visited the Vancouver campus for a haircut and partial highlights. My appointment was at 6:15 pm. When I met with my stylist, she stated she would have another stylist help with the highlights to expedite my appointment so I didn't have to stay so late. My stylist was excellent, her highlights were very good and I love my cut (she'd receive 5 stars) - unfortunately the additional stylist rushed through her application of highlights, and the left side of my head had large, blocky highlights that sometimes stopped 1/8 inch from my scalp, leaving very apparent horizontal bleached lines on the left side of my head. In addition, the instructor did not even check the results of both girls' work, she only came by and took a quick glance from a few feet away then signed off on the paperwork. Unfortunately, I did not see the extent of the flaws until I arrived home that evening - apparently I only looked at the right side of my head, which looks great.

As a result of the left side looking the way it did, I had to purchase hair dye and dye the majority of my head back to it's original color in order to repair the damage created by the secondary stylist. So please note, if you have an evening appointment, please inspect your results very closely before leaving, because it seems everyone is tired and rushes through the process.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Stylist took the time to find out about my hair health and even did a test curl tondetermine if my hair could be permed. Instructors were great and always available for questions. I can't wait to see how my hair turns out on Tuesday.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Front desk person super sweet. Clinician is great

5 stars Customer since 2014

Excellent Service. Emily at the front desk is fantastic in her customer service. Kind, knowledgeable, calm and helpful. I cannot say enough positive words.