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After coming to the Aveda Institute for 10 years, yesterday I received the worst haircut. Sarah B. was my student. She asked me what I wanted and I said a trim, 1-2 inches off the base length and to clean up my long round layers, which is the same haircut I ask for every time I get it cut at Aveda and I've never had any issues before. My hair was long and hit right above my waistline. I told her I wanted to keep as much length as possible. I even showed her a visual of what I wanted. It was a picture of someone with mid-length hair with long round layers but styled in the same way I style my hair, with beachy waves.I reiterated that I styled my hair like that and wanted it cut like that but not as short.

After she took the first inch or so off, she told me I had more dead ends higher up and asked to take off more length. She pulled my hair forward to show me how much length she wanted to take, which from my angle looked like another 2 inches. I was thinking she was taking about 3 inches off in total. When I looked down at the floor the hair I could see on the ground was at least 6 inches. Instead of showing me how much hair, it would have been helpful for her to verbally tell me how many inches she was cutting before she actually cut it, so I could have told her that was too much and I wasn't comfortable with cutting that much.

Sarah also should have gotten an educator for a second opinion before cutting that much hair off. I told her that I have a different texture of hair on the bottom of my head and that it just grows like that. I think she saw that different texture and thought it as dead and cut my hair shorter than I wanted or needed. She asked if I still wanted layers and I couldn't handle anymore length be taken off. Now my hair is short, hits at the collarbone, and is all one length.As someone who has had long hair her entire adult life (10+ years) I was shocked to have short hair. It was not what I wanted or what I was expecting and I couldn't help but cry.

I'd strongly suggest Sarah keep in mind what the client wants and asks for before she makes that first cut. She definitely needs more attention and guidance from the educators there if she wants to continue in this field. Such a disappointing experience.

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My toes look great

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Great cherry almond promotion. Would have liked to up my promo service to include a haircut but you would let me.

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Great atmosphere, service is great and I love how they train their students. Great overall! Emma is fantastic!

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I want to say..the, student Bella..did an excellent job. Now, I had a 9:30 am appt..on, the first day of a special promotion they were having. I think I was probably one of the first people. The promo was, get a full size bottle of Cherry Almond and conditioner...with a shampoo, thermal style and, botanical treatment.

The instructor, came by and said..oh, we are out of the botanical treatment..you, can have a mask and save $10..as, the mask is only $5..as, opposed to $15...for the botanical treatment

How, are you out of a treatment..on the first day..and, the first hour of a promotion..were, this fits..promptly???

So, I got a mask..the style went well..I asked for, tight beach waves.

Got to the front desk..they charge me..for a botanical treatment ..$15..I explained that they were out..and, got a $5 mask..then, I get to wait around while the receptionist..goes and confirms..nice..

If there had been communication, between the instructor and the front desk..to begin with..I would not have to wait around..is that, not good business practice?

Then, to top it off..I asked, to make another appointment..it was 20% off..when you prebooked..I was told.. not,in a very nice way..it is now ..10% off.. like, I should know this. I was never sent an email, about this change. Way, to make me feel like a dumbass.

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The instructors and students were knowledgeable, friendly, and talented.

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Sabrina Dunahay is always professional and personable. I have enjoyed all my interactions with her and the rest of the staff. The instructors are very professional also and are great mentors for the students.

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A great haircut. Just what I wanted and asked for.

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Once again, Jen did a great job with my hair color and plan.

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I have gone to Aveda several times now and each time my hair is a disaster . I go back because the price is cheaper but it takes at least two to three times the time of a regular hair dresser and the price is around 10 per cent cheaper.

Its not worth it , that simple

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