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What others had to say

1 stars

I needed a 1041 completed for the sale of my mother's home. I was told by Bernie Bunning that it would take about a week. I called after 2 weeks and was told it would be ready 'next week'. I called at 3 weeks and 4 weeks and was told it would definitely be done 'next week'. I called at 5 weeks and was told it would be ready the next day, Saturday. I scheduled to pick it up on the following Monday and they called twice that morning for info needed to complete the compilation. When we arrived, the person who sat down with us was unable to answer our questions. She got someone else to help us who also could not answer our questions. We finally got Bernie who answered the questions. I reminded him that he had promised a letter to the IRS, which he had forgotten to include (I had reminded the office about the letter in one of my previous phone calls). The letter had errors that I caught and had to be retyped twice. I understand that work was delayed due to the IRS not finalizing the rules for tax returns, but why was I told that it would 'definitely be ready next week', when they did not know this to be true. They did knock off some of the cost, but I still had to pay $450!! What a ripoff.

1 stars Customer since 2012

The pick-up review of our tax preparation was handled very poorly. Office could nofind file, then no review was completed. Lucky I reviewed the folder and found forms to pay state taxes three times during the year. Not very satisfied with the professionalism of the office staff.

5 stars Customer since 2012

BBRS has, for a number of years, been very helpful by efficiently preparing tax returns for me, and by advising me regarding other financial matters, e.g. an inheritance received 18 years ago.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I trust BBRS, with my taxes. The staff is well trained and courteous. You get your monies worthy at BBRS. Give them a try!

1 stars Customer since 2012

Ripped me off for $500.00

4 stars Customer since 2012

A website for appointments and communication with the office staff is a great idea. Website could also be a location for resources, ie., forms, tools, applications, etc. Your web design is "user friendly" and easy to read. I hope you have a webmaster that will keep your site updated with current information. Thanks BBRS...I like it.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I have been a customer of BBRS, (Specifically Carolyn Poulton) for approximately 15 years, during this period I owned my own business, traveled extensively throughout Europe for work and have had many unusual circumstances to report. I was able to save thousands of dollars over that period including taking the federal tax exemption for working oversees for over 330 days in a 365 day period. That transaction alone saved me over 18,000.00 in taxes. I would recommend BBRS to anyone who wants an accurate and professional tax return that will stand up to any audit.

I would say that hiring BBRS to complete my taxes and provide financial advice has been one of my better financial decisions.

5 stars Customer since 2012

In 1992, Bruce Smith put our Corporate finances in order. Since that time we have relied on him for his expertise and professionalism in all matters related to accounting.

He is responsible for our tax preparation and advises on all fiscal matters. He is indispensible to the success of our firm.