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Venkman's Neuter went smooth with no issues at all. Love caring and friendly staff!

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Dr. Browne seemed to be having a lot of fun in the back the 2 days we visited, and she was pleasant to us, but I have a few issues:

First Visit-Saturday evening

Dr. Browne mentioned that there were multiple dachshunds in back. She kept referring to my female, Ferkel, as a he. I brought her in with a possible dislocated knee, and Dr. Brown kept referring to her hip. She tried to explain to me why I was probably wrong about I felt in my own dog's leg. It made think that maybe she had the wrong dog.

Dr. Browne administered a narcotic to my dog without asking me first. She could've sent a tech to ask. That would've been fine. Nothing. There was no permission asked or given. She quipped that my dog really liked drugs with a giggle.

Dr. Browne said that radiographs were being taken and that we would look at them together. We never saw them.

We were sent home with a soft tissue injury diagnosis, and a doped up dog that I couldn't read for pain or discomfort. We were given rimadyl and tramadol that we couldn't give her right away because she was so doped up, she wouldn't chew. That night was sleepless as the narcotic wore off slowly and Ferkel remained uncomfortable.

Second Visit-Sunday morning

Ferkel woke up with leg spasms and a lot of swelling in her affected leg. It still felt like her knee was not right. We took her back to VCA. Dr. Browne said she reexamined and took more radiographs. She was going to send them out to be read by a someone else else to make sure she hadn't missed anything. We still never saw them. She wanted to add a narcotic patch to Ferkel's drugs which we refused. We were given methocarbomol to help relieve Ferkel's spasms.

All examinations were done in the back where we couldn't see. I repeatedly asked if reports and radiographs would be sent to my regular vet. The answer was, "Yes, of course."

My vet had not received any reports on Monday morning. They had to call VCA to get them, and had to repeatedly call to get the radiographs. Only receiving the radiographic report after I called VCA to specifically request it was in my vet's hands for Ferkel's follow up appt with her regular vet on Tuesday.

My regular bet has diagnosed a patellar injury, possible ligament tear. We are now referred to an orthopedic vet.

This is the first time I was not completely satisfied at VCA. We have been for many other weekend and after hours concerns and never had a complaint before this.

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Very positive ! I have been taking my animals here for years. I have always recommended these wonderful people.

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I think the staff and Dr's at, Best Friends Veterinary Hospital are all just excellent. Very caring and they always have smiles everytime we come in. So happy to have found a great place for my cat to go to the vet. Thank you so much!

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Always friendly staff and the dogs love visiting.

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My dog was able to get in quickly and the staff was efficient and very friendly!

5 stars Customer since 2015

We have always excellent service!

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Let me start by saying that the people at Best Friends are all very nice and I have received nothing but excellent service on every one of my many visits there. Also, let me say that they are not the primary care provider for my pet. With that said, I paid way too much for vet services there so watch out, they're not great about explaining costs upfront. Let me start by reiterating that I don't get my pet's shots here generally, because it is too expensive and this is not my normal vet. But my girl was coming in to be boarded and she needed her bordetella and fecal exam and I thought why not. They got me for $80, that's why not! The bill was rather odd, stating $80 for the exam and nothing for the fecal exam and bordetella, which is far from transparent. I like my bills itemized to know what things cost. And the "exam" amounted to listening to the dog's heart and looking at her ears and teeth.

Maybe I'm out of the loop on costs, but I expected to pay somewhere between $45-60 for this, not $80. I get all of the rest of my dog's shots done elsewhere for under $60, including the heartworm test. I feel that it was pricey and I won't have them touch my dog again unless she's boarding there and there is a medical emergency. You might have extra cash to spend, but as a single guy with a modest income, I really can't afford to.

2 stars Verified customer

Continue to be disappointed every time I drop off my dog.

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I have my dog (Peyton) groomed by Jocelyn she is always accommodating to what her needs are.