84.2% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Service was fast and at a great price. The service advisor walked through all the costs for tire installation and let me know to check on a few other things on my car.

5 stars Verified customer

The guys here are the best. No joke.

1 stars Verified customer

I feel everytime i make an appointment that your staff

Is always looking to make at least a grand off me.

How would you like if everyti e you saw your family doctor

They did this under the guise of trying to prevent the worst.

5 stars Verified customer

High quality service and on time.

2 stars Verified customer

Went to Redwood City Big O for a flat tire repair (under warranty) because my neighborhood Big O did not have any open appointments for the day. (My neighborhood Big O told me I was welcome to come in, but with a full appointment schedule, I would have to wait and it could be 90 minutes to two hours before the the tire could be repaired.) The agent suggested Redwood City as an option.

I called Redwood City Big O and was very happy when I was told to just come in and they would help me, no appointment needed. I arrived and the Service Rep was on the phone. The phone call went on for a several minutes and I just waited at the counter WITHOUT ANY ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF MY PRESENCE. I did not feel welcomed at all.

I was invited to have a seat in the waiting room and I would be informed when the tire was repaired. I had a seat. 80 minutes later, I was still waiting and when I left the waiting room to ask how much longer, I saw my car parked outside the garage. It had been repaired and they were done "about 10 minutes ago," but forgot to tell me. Reportedly, the completed work order was placed on the customer counter and wasn't noticed. (The shop was NOT busy at that time; there was only one or two other vehicles in the garage.)

Reportedly, the tire picked up a nail which resulted in a slow loss of air pressure and the flat. After 24 hrs, the repair seems to be holding well. I appreciate the work Redwood City Big O provided, but I shall continue to use my neighborhood Big O as my primary choice for service. There I know from experience I am at least acknowledged and not forgotten while waiting in a side room.

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone has always been both helpful and professional. It has been great dealing with them over the years and I am sorry to have to find a new place since I'm leaving the Bay Area.

5 stars Verified customer

They always treat me right

5 stars Verified customer

Abel was great. Fabulous customer service and explanation of what they did. Good competitive price, fast service, and courtesy phone call to let me know my car was ready.

5 stars Verified customer

Going to Big O Tires in Redwood City was a positive experience. They were honest and evaluated the situation before starting to align my tires; I learned I did not need service. I will use them in the future.

3 stars Verified customer

I like the services Big O offers. Staff could be more welcoming and friendly.