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I made an appointment, but I never got a confirmation. But I was the second person in line so there was no delay in staring the alignment and oil change. What's the point of an appointment.

I'm stunned at the cost of the oil change. $10 to discard the oil and $12.99 a quart. That's pricey considering you buy oil in 55G drums.

I can't grasp $155 for an oil change (event with 3 gallons of oil) and that included a $55 discount. It also appears that the oil was/is overfilled.

Sadly, the before camber value wasn't documented in the alignment.

But on the plus side all the work was completed in 45 minutes.

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I showed up in the middle of the day needing 2 tires for my SUV. I didn't call ahead to check stock as I should have. They had none of the tires I wanted so they took a 2-hour round trip to get them. No extra charge.

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Always great, friendly service!

Big O Placerville is my first stop for auto maintenance!


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Very good

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I arrived before 7:30am the posted opening time for this store as recommended by the sales person who called me confirming my online appointment time. I explained I would be in a hurry as I needed to take my grandson to a Doctors appointment at 9:45am. He said it won't take more than an hour to install 4 new Big O brand tires. I was the first customer to the desk and had the first service order written. So far so good.

As I waited in the customer area, I saw that my truck was not even in a service bay at 8:25am. At 8:30 it was finally brought in, so there went the "in about an hour".

At 9:20 it looked to be finished I went to the counter so I could pay for the new tires just to get a jump on leaving when they pulled my truck out. Nope can't pay until the service tech brings in the paper work WHAT??

At 9;25 I was granted permission to pay, almost a full 2 hours to get 4 tires installed!! I called the Doctors office and thank goodness they were able to move my grandsons appointment to10:15. I will never purchase anything from this Big O store again. I will drive to the next closest one. I have Big O tires on all of my cars and trucks. I might even stop purchasing Big O brand tires because of this poor customer service.

Bottom line if your in a hurry don't like to wait around a tire store for hours even with an appointment go some place else, at least at Walmart or Costco you can shop instead of sitting like a bump on a log for 2 hours.

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It was very quick, high quality service. Although the one thing I would've changed to make it better was to not try and add on several extra services. The employee tried explaining to me why I needed an alignment when I was well aware of the fact and didn't have the means to do so at the time. They continued to push me to do the alignment which eventually became irritating.

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I continue to be impressed by the team here and regularly recommend Big O to others. Many Thanks!

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Good, fast and friendly.

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Pressure monitors were not reserved and now I need to make another trip

5 stars Verified customer

Was told there was a 2 hour wait for oil change but they got it done in less than one hour. Well pleased.