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1 stars Verified customer

On October 22, 2014 I stopped in hopping for a quick oil change and the tires rotated and balanced. When I checked in I specifically asked them to check the front breaks because the truck had 40,000 miles on the original breaks. When the truck was done I asked about the brakes I was told “They look good and will be checked at the next service.” When I went out to my truck there was oil from the tech’s had on the door, inside and out and on the steering wheel. I went back in voiced my dissatisfaction with the salutation, it was cleaned up and I went on my way.

I use my truck to commute to and from work, 15 miles a day. I noticed the ride seemed a bit bumpy but I really didn't give it much thought. A couple of weeks later I noticed there were no weights on the left rear wheel. With the holidays and busy at work I wasn't able to stop by to get it checked.

On my way home from work December 20, 2014, only after driving just over 300 miles since the truck was serviced I hear a grinding noise from the front wheels!!! I stopped at a shop I used before and trusted to get checked out. Not only were my breaks NOT FINE, the rotors were scored and needed to be replaced and all four tires were out of balance.

I've lost my faith with Big-O stores. I have used them for many years. This is franchise store and it is only as good as the ownership. This was my first visit to this store and my LAST TO BIG-O.

Don F.

3 stars Verified customer

Everyone was very friendly. I was told to allow 2 hours for the services that I requestsd. I informed then that I didn't have a ride and would probably wait. I waited in the lobby and after almost 3 hours, I had to inquire about my vehicle. They told me it would be another 30-35 minutes. I wish that someone would have approached me while I was waiting rather than me having to inquire. Updates are nice. I also overheard staff telling other customers about a shuttle service. This was never offered to me.

1 stars Verified customer

Went to this Big O on Jan. 20, 2015 for an oil change, which was completed, however the service manager recommended some other services that would take approximately 90 minutes to complete. I agreed to return the following day, allowing for the parts to be ordered & delivered. Returned on Jan. 21, 2015 @ 7:45AM. It took 3 hours for the repairs to be completed (parts had not been delivered) while sitting in a non-heated waiting room. Upon check out, I presented a coupon for "10% Off Any Automotive Service" (worth $13 in this case) and was told that an additional item was repaired for $13 (not on my estimate) thereby erasing my coupon. After all of this, my vehicle NOW leaks oil in my garage. NEVER did before.

5 stars Verified customer

These guys are, hands down, the best around. They are helpful, knowledgeable, honest and a pleasure to work with!

5 stars Verified customer

I've always had great experiences. The guys are very knowledgeable and courtetous. And will get your vehicle back to you in the time stated.

5 stars Verified customer

Always a pleasure!

5 stars Verified customer

Great service..

1 stars Verified customer

My experience at Big O was horrible horrible horrible!! I went there to get new windshield wipers and to find out why my windwashing fluid wasn't coming out! They needed to get a pump from a dealership for me. Was supposed to be called by Tim when they got it in. He never called me!! Went back again the next day. They had it and I asked Tim how come he didn't all me. He said his brain froze the day before!! WHAT!!! Took my car home after waiting hours for it to get done! Guess what! The washer fluid still wasn't coming out! So it wasn't the pump after all. I took my car to the dealership to get fixed correctly!! They definitley have good people working there like Gizmo and Matt! But they can't do it all!! NEVER EVER going to BIG O! Again!!!

1 stars Verified customer

I feel that I was taken advantage of on my last visit. I had 4 tires replaced for almost $1000. I got a phone call from Shawn saying that I needed the two front ball joints replaced. He told me that the parts were $95 a piece plus labor. He never told me the labor charge was $99 an hour or it would take 3 1/2 hours to replace the ball joints. So my thousand dollar bill just up to over $1500 to pick up my car. I feel he misrepresented the final cost of repairing my car. I have been a long time loyal customer of the Big O on Smoky Hill Road. We have two cars which we have serviced at this location for many many years along with all of our tire replacements. I feel his practices were very deceptive and left a very bad taste in my mouth. Because of his actions I will no longer do business with Big O tires. This experience leaves me no choice... I will not recommend this location to my family friends or neighbors. I live in a neighborhood just south of this location called Heritage Eagle Bend, I am very active in this community of over 1500 homes and every neighbor I talk to I will let them know about the poor service I received at this location.

Very Disappointed


5 stars Verified customer

The staff at Big O Tires are very helpful and courteous. Gizmo is exceptional.