Bikram Yoga Seacoast

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I’ve been to quite a few Bikram studios and I really enjoyed the little touches that the owner has added in to this uniformed practice. The class was both challenging and relaxing. Thank you!

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Such an incredible work out - love the staff and atmosphere.. wish I could go more often!

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Hi Jan,

If there were one major thing you could do to improve your business, it would be to stabilize your schedule. For me, if you were to lock it in at a few set times each day such as 6AM, noon and 4:30, that would be significant. Look at Bikram Merrimac Valley. They have been the same for years. All I have to do is get in my car at a certain time each day and it takes me to class!!!

Dependability so we can plan around Bikram is important rather than having a constantly changing target.

It was great to be back at your class yesterday. It felt like coming home


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Great experience! Can't wait for my next class

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I recommend this studio and practice to everyone!

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Great studio, teachers and energy!

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I am trying to get back into it and yesterday the instructor is from a N.Andover studio. She was great-the class was amazing, and as always I felt fabulous after!

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Amazing and supportive teachers. By far the best studio I have been to. Highly recommend.

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I was very disappointed that the owner has changed the policy after I made a purchase! When I purchased my gift certificate and class card it was during the time when they would rollover unused classes when I started another package. I was expecting to use up my leftover classes when I started my new package. The owner told me she changed the policy recently and I would not be able to use my unused classes. So I'm out 4 classes! After I finish my classes, I'll be going to Portsmouth from now on, along with many clients and teachers. Studio is nice, but most teachers are average. All the good teachers have gone to other studios.

Bikram Yoga Seacoast replied:

I understand that you are disappointed with the policy change on expired classes; however, during our discussion at the front desk, you were clear that the 4 classes that you now say you lost were restored to your account. While we no longer reactivate expired cards, we did add a month onto the duration of our packages (now 7 months rather than 6) to avoid this type of problem. You had purchased multiple packages at one point, (not a gift certificate), which may be why it expired while you were not here. Because you live out west and seem to only be in New England around the holidays, perhaps purchasing a 5 class card when you come to town would help to avoid this in the future. After looking into your account further, I do feel like BYS has gone to great lengths to accommodate your lifestyle and your schedule. You were given three introductory packages ($10.00 for a week of unlimited classes) during which you attended several classes. In addition, many times over the years BYS has allowed you to purchase packages at sale prices at times that they were not on sale so as not to conflict with your religious traditions. I am sorry that you feel as though you have been slighted after all these years, particularly since the classes you refer to in your review were not actually lost. Regardless, it is great to see that you have developed a very strong practice and I?m glad you intend to continue it, albeit elsewhere. Best wishes to you and your family in 2018.

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Wonderful studio!