100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2002

Dr. Smith was his usual kind and caring self and provided thorough premium care as always. Cindy is excellent in her position. Very knowledgeable and skilled, intelligent and very personable.

5 stars Customer since 2004

Dr Smith is the best. I recommend him all the time !!!

5 stars Customer since 2003

It was a good visit, did not wait too long before seeing Dr. Smith, who always makes me feel welcome no matter what my problem is.

5 stars

Dr. Smith has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Smith sat down with us like we were long acquaintances. You could really tell that he cared very much and treated my wife with respect. We felt very confident with his experience. My wife has suffered a stroke and has lost much of her vision due to the stroke. Dr. Smith has a lot of experience with this type of vision loss. We are very excited to have met him and look forward to having him look over the care of my wife.

Thank you for so caring so much.

5 stars Verified customer


5 stars Customer since 2002

I've known Dr. Smith for 30 years. Excellent practitioner who keeps ahead of the data curve. He works well with all ages and various vision needs & concerns.

5 stars

I have been seeing Dr. Smith since 1986 or so I was told I had astigmatisim from another docotor who took about 30 minutes to examine me. I was then taken to Bison vision center where Doctor Smith spent at least an hour and a half doing test with me until h had it perfect. when you are young sometimes it takes a little bit to decided if 1 or 2 is better. I have never gone to another eye doctor besides the people who did my lasik surgery. All three of my children see him and he is still as through as he was with me. It is always a pleasure to go to the eye doctor when you are going to Douglas G Smith.

5 stars

I have been a patient of Dr. Smith's since 1986 and though I have since moved to California, I make sure to journey North of the border every year for an annual eye exam. He put me in reading glasses when I was a kid to strengthen vision through vision training (which I still wear though the RX occasionally changes) and to this day, I still have 20/15 (yes, better than 20/20)! He's seen members of my family, extended family and friends for years. He is compassionate, a true medical professional and takes your eye health very serious - and he has quite the sense of humor! It is a small, single doctor private practice but I feel better going there than a big box store where they just want to make a buck. I recommend him to anyone looking for an optometrist or with eye care issues.

1 stars

Dr Smith put me through an extensive eye exam includinng the eye mapping which insurance didn't pay for. Got glasses, couldn't see. Dr sent me to Dr Imperia for a lasar correction...seems I had cataracts in both eyes. Smith never found them after an extensive exam, complaints about the eye glasses.

Go somewhere else.

Bison Vision Center replied:

This patient was last seen in my office in 2008, five years before this review.

The patient had requested evaluation as a candidate for Lasik surgery and a referral to Dr Imperia for Lasik surgery, at this visit. She failed to obtain 20/20 due to early developing cataracts which we have documented as being discussed with her. These were not mature or troublesome enough for insurance to routinely cover the surgery. Further testing was done due to general health issues. She was informed that insurance benefits might not cover some of the tests. She opted to proceed, knowing that she might be responsible for charges. When she saw Dr Imperia upon my referral he "dicovered' cataracts that were clearly and previously documented as discussed in my chart of her visit. I do not know what threshold for surgery was used by Dr Imperia.

One month after these events she reappeared at my office and was diagnosed and successfully treated for a medical eye condition. I do not know what prompted these memories or comments after a five year lapse in contact. Douglas G Smith OD

2 stars

Doug Smith is a wonderful eye doctor; I wouldn't want to go to anyone else unless I had to. However, I have been trying to get an appointment and I keep running into blocks. I call the office at varying times and only get a recording. I tried to make an appointment on line but the process is awkward and the result is vague. I signed up for an appointment date and time, and I still don't know if I have one.

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