Black Forest Industries

5 stars Verified customer

Simply awesome.

5 stars Verified customer

This place is awesome, honest people that does great work, I will not go anywhere else!

5 stars Verified customer

Extremely helpful in identifying areas that need to be fixed with relation to the tune and performance improvements of my car. Quick and timely work.

5 stars Verified customer

Beyond stellar, pleased with the service

5 stars Verified customer

I came in to have my Golf programmed so that my euro LED amber tail lights worked and wouldn't throw a code.

First off, I showed up on very short notice, having only called the day before to ask if they could fit me in first thing the next day since I was passing through the area on my way north. They said that wasn't a problem and they would accommodate me. Awesome!

Second, in order for the amber LED lights to work on a Golf, you have to rewire the car. There are two ways to do that. One is simpler but limits your options in the future, the other is a full harness that basically makes your tail lights wires exactly like a euro car but requires running a wiring harness from the front dash all the way to the trunk. Since it is more difficult, it is less common, but I'm one of the people that did it. The problem is the code changes for that version are different. Since it had been two years since I put my lights in, I couldn't even remember who made the wiring harness, let alone find instructions on what codes needed to be changed.

The guys at Blak Forest spent hours making phone calls and searching online trying to find codes that worked. Finally we were able to find instructions on a forum, and they got my car coded.

The guys could totally have done a couple searches, and said "Sorry bro, we need more info to do this." But they didn't. They spent basically half a day just trying to find a solution to my issue, and they did, and they got me back on the road, and they didn't charge me as much as they could have without a complaint from me, given the amount of time they spent on it.

I was already a repeat customer, but there's no doubt I'll go way out of my way to give these guys my business again in the future. If you're anywhere near the Triangle area, these are the guys to go see. They'll get you taken care of.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent work. Will be back

3 stars Verified customer

Paid a lot of money and the problem is still not fixed

5 stars Verified customer

Very pleased

4 stars Verified customer

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

5 stars Verified customer

Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.