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I always feel like I’m listened to, and that all the options are presented, not just the quickest, easiest, or most expensive.

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I always have a satisfying experience when dealing with Blake Veterinary Hospital. They put the needs of the animal first and make adjustments to accommodate the given situation. The care is excellent, your people are honest, and you do not try to sell me things I don't need. My cat seems grateful for the visit which tells me he was treated nicely. The prescription food is making a difference. His coat is improving and he is behaving like his old self.

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Good morning Dr Blake. Thank you for your time yesterday with Luke. No fault of you or your assistant, Luke hates our visits there. Yesterday was by far the worst. In fact when he got home he threw up twice and then later in the day had a very scary episode. Very similar to the one when I was hunting with him this fall and decided no more hunting. I had him outside and he was just jogging around the yard doing what he needed to do. He had finished doing his job and started to run up to me which was about maybe 50 yards away. He stopped coughed a couple times tried to throw up and then fell on his side with his back legs twitching. I ran down to him comforted him. He got up his hind end a little weak and within a minute he seemed to feel better. He slept most of the remainder of the day and evening but did eat his dinner. This morning he is fine he went outside with me acted 100% normal and ate his breakfast fine and took his two meds. I think the stress from our visit yesterday took a toll on him. I was wondering if in the future when we have visits to your office if maybe we could have you and your assistant come in the room together to speed up the process and cut down on the time he is in there? Yesterday I left him in the truck until they wanted him in the room but if we could even cut the time down even more I feel it would be a lot better for the little guy. I have no idea why he hates it so much but he does. He turned 11 last week and I see him aging quickly the past year so I have lots of concerns. The breeder I got him from says most of his dogs live between 11 and 13 years. Lukes dad lived to be 12 and his mother also 12. He had a brother that only lived to 10 but two sisters who from what I hear are doing well at 11 with minimal health issues.

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Very expensive

Blake Veterinary Hospital replied:

Hi Claire

I am sorry you feel as though our prices are high. Our prices are based on figures recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association. I am not sure what treatments you feel are overpriced but please do let us know. i can say that my office call fee of $49 is less than half of what I pay my own physician for my annual physical.


Dr. Blake

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They took great care of our cat who was in bad shape.They relieved his pain and treated him with love. He was sent home feeling much better

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Great service from start to finish. Reviewed what Sophie needed and what she didn't need for vacine's at this time. Recommendations of on going treatments (flea/tick and heartworm) and explained why certain treatments work best for her versus others.Great experience.

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Always there when in need:)

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The staff at Blake vet was very helpful !!!#

5 stars Customer since 2017

The staff at Blake vet was very helpful w any questions I had all in all a good experience

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The way both the patient and his caregiver are treated is exemplary, from start to finish. Our puppy Captain Bailey actually loves going to the vet, where he is plied with treats and hugs. Our questions and concerns are addressed completely, and I feel confident that the care Captain receives is the best anywhere.