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The consultation appointment was not informative at all. We were logged in then sat in the boot camp room for 20 minutes. After waiting for a trainer came in she basically just asked us if we read the handout they gave us. She did not even go over what the workout consists of, what we should do at home as far as working out. All she was concerned about was what we shouldn't eat. I found the appointment to be a waste of time and a little insulting as far as what we shouldn't eat. It would have been nice to let us know what the class involved for example what types of exercises are involved. This appointment was just very very disappointing. I expected more especially since the website stated to plan on being there for 90 minutes. I just expected a more one on one consult not a group consult. Not personal what so ever. I realize that I bought a groupon for this but I did expect more. Sorry for the comment. Just thought you should know.

4 stars Customer since 2014

Staff was friendly and helpful. They didn't keep us too long, and announcements were to the point. Wish the wifi was working for my son's entertainment, but that's my only criticism.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Great motivation to get in shape. The staff is very professional , friendly, and attentive to your fitness goals no matter what your current fit level is. Highly recommend

2 stars Verified customer

First impression - bad! The 1 hr 45 min "evaluation" amounted to being weighed, told to sit in the aerobic studio then having the trainer review the manual they gave us. No measurements and certainly not the length of time advertised! No tour of the facilities. Just that and "see you next time!" It lasted 40 mins approx. Hopefully the exercise sessions will be better and that trainer will be more interested in each person.

5 stars Customer since 2006

Body by Todd trainers are very knowledgeable in strength and cardio training and weight loss. They also understand a great deal about nutrition and will tailor 1:1 sessions to meet your specific needs. I know other gyms say that, but Body by Todd really does. I have arthritis in my hip. so my trainer provides good exercises that also help me to stretch and relieves muscle pain.

5 stars Customer since 2013

The morning QVR workouts with Elizabeth has kept me coming back.

I see a real change in my strength and definition . It's worth the hard work!

4 stars Verified customer

I enjoy the classes and have seen results on the scale and more importantly in the way my clothing fits. My only suggestion is that investment is made in better speaker system for the trainers -- or simply turn the volume down on the music. :)

4 stars Verified customer

I love Body by Todd but there are some things you should know - You must schedule your classes ahead or you will have a hard time getting in - particularly right after a bunch of groupons are sold. I did the groupon thing in the beginning and it's a great way to try it and see if it's your thing. Once you get the hang of scheduling it's easy and not a problem to do. You just have to remember you can't just show up. I have trainers that I like a lot and some I don't like too much - as I'm sure everyone does based on personal preference. The point is you can try them out and find the ones that motivate you the best and that you like the best and go to their classes. It really is a program that you can tailor to your needs!

4 stars Verified customer

I am very pleased with the program, I love all the trainers! So far I have notice I've been losing weight. I would love to continue with the program, as long as it was affordable.

5 stars Customer since 2013

I love Body by Todd! I started at BBT with a Groupon and now I am a member. All of the classes are fun and challenging. I go to all of them; bootcamp, strength training, and yoga as often as I can, and have also utilized the personal training offered. I've lost 20#, my BMI keeps going down, I'm close to being off my blood pressure meds, and I'm getting stronger everyday. The trainers are all fantastic and encouraging. I love BBT and plan on being a member for a long long time :)