95.5% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Courteous, professional, and efficient service with a smile. I was not happy about having to spend this kind of money, but I have to say Lori made the process a little less painful!! Thanks, Lori! So far our little truck is running really good!!

5 stars Verified customer

Staff there is excellent.

5 stars Verified customer

Very impressed with the service. They explained everything thoroughly and in an easy to understand manner. The service was quick and efficiently done. My truck came out in a much better condition. Thank you.

5 stars Verified customer

Fast, friendly service. The credit card machine went down while I was there and they didn't make me wait for it to come back up; instead, she urged me to go on about my day and she called me later for my card info. Highly recommended.

5 stars Verified customer

Quality and professal service .Ilike Lori Mark and Ken.

5 stars Verified customer

Took my vehicle in at 8:00 in the morning with a very strange problem. By 10:00 Borst had figured out the problem and the solution. Had my car back by 3:00. These guys are awesome! Thank you team Borst

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent service as usual!

2 stars Verified customer

This is actually a mixed review. The support and service provided by Lori was good and the attention to detail and professionalism shown by the tech, Mark, was outstanding. He really understood the needs of my car and explained them to make sure I could also see the needs.

The downside is your used parts supplier - Aviation Auto. I needed a replacement engine for my vehicle. The first one that came in had no compression on the left bank of cylinders and the timing chain had jumped - which in an interference engine could be a death certificate. Borst rightfully rejected this engine. We were visiting Tucson at the time and having to pay for additional lodging due to this set back. Aviation recommended 2 more engines. Both not acceptable per my own VIN research via CarFax - which Borst should perform on behalf of customers on the front end - but did not. The first engine had nearly 3 times the number of miles being relayed by Aviation Auto - from their stated 58k to an actual 138k. The second engine per CarFax should not even have been considered as the mileage was reported as being unreliable since 2009 (the last time mileage was reported) - yet the title was transferred and the vehicle registered 4 more times since 2009. Yikes - no way! Finally an acceptable and verifiable (by my research) engine was located. So we returned to Colorado to await the engine delivery and install. This did cost us an additional 3 days lodging and a return trip to Tucson to pick up the repaired vehicle - which all could have been avoidable if the used engine supplier that Borst chooses to work with had been more reliable and trustworthy. As a customer, I realize that ultimately it is my responsibility to know what I am am getting when making such a large purchase (used engine) and I was glad I did. But Borst should go that extra step as well for your customers in ensuring that a quality investment is being made on the clients behalf. In the long run, in my estimation we did get a quality engine - but I am not convinced that would have been the case if I hadn't done my own due diligence. Please consider this extra effort in the future. Hopefully it will save your clients and Borst potentially costly time and warranty work and make for happier loyal customers.

Greg Sinn

[email protected]

Borst Automotive replied:

Mr. Sinn, thank you for you review. I am sorry that you had some issues with the service we provided but you bring up some good points. We are currently reviewing our relationship with Aviation Auto due to the engine issues. I think your idea of checking mileage on the used engine through Car Fax is a great idea and i have implemented this into our procedure for obtaining used parts for our customers. I never thought of doing that to be honest. I will be contacting you to see if we can help you with your additional costs due to the delay. Marv Kea General Manager

1 stars Verified customer

"Lori" is very poor at customer service skills. I wanted to use my VIP pre-paid card from Borst that I had purchased years ago. She confronted me with a pile of paperwork and said that I wanted to use a card for which there was no record that I had purchased. I don't know if she think I stole the card or what, but she made me feel guilty for even having the card. She claimed she had worked there since 2006 and had no recollection of any such card. When I showed her an e-mail I had just received for $10 off an oil change, she said 'It's either one or the other--you can't use both." This made no sense, as the card I was using was PRE-PAID, not a coupon.

My pre-paid oil change ended up costing me $41.77 as I needed synthetic blend oil. I can go to Jim Click and get "The Works" oil change for $40 and not get any lip from the staff.

She also gave me an estimate for 4 new tires, as she claimed my tires had dry rot. The estimate came to over $1000. Who in their right mind would pay that much for Uniroyal tiires?? She must assume I am a moron.

A few years ago, she had given me an estimate for a cabin filter and air filter that shocked me! I went out and bought the filters myself and installed them MYSELF for a FRACTION of what she wanted to charge me.

Over the many years, since the 90's that I have been taking my vehicles and my mother's vehicle in for service, I have spent a lot of money at Borst. I'm offended by the way I have been treated and do not intend to return

Due to Lori's rudeness, my boyfriend will also never go back to Borst. He came in with a printout from AutoZone

which indicated what the problem was with his car, and she laughed in his face. I had told him what a great place Borst was and he was regularly bringing in his vehicles for service-- but no more! All due to the way he was treated by Lori.

Borst Automotive replied:

Ms. Ubick thank you for your review. I apologize if you felt Lori made you feel guilty she was just trying to find out more about the card. The V.I.P. card was a promotion we had years ago and we rarely see them any more. I would just like to clarify a couple of things. Lori did honor your V.I.P. card it was just she didn't see where it was purchased in your records. The reason your oil service cost you was that your vehicle uses synthetic oil so there is an additional charge as Lori explained to you. The V.I.p. card pricing was based on a standard oil service. She couldn't give you the $10 discount as you were getting a discount by using the V.I.P. card. I hope you will reconsider coming back to Borst as we do appreciate your business.

5 stars Verified customer

great customer service! went out of there way to help me out. Loaner car was great! thanks again