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have been a patient for over 10 yrs - never an issue.

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The hygienist, Nelson, was excellent. He did a wonderful job with the cleaning and making me feel comfortable in the office. However, I felt truly uncomfortable with the dentist Dr. Song. When she entered to do my check up, the first thing she said to me was, “Is there anything you want to change about your smile?”. She then instantly began talking about a procedure that I had never asked about to remove white spots from my teeth. She handed me a mirror and pointed them out and asked if I felt uncomfortable smiling because of these spots. She asked me why they were there. I felt like I was being upsold on a procedure and made to feel self- conscious. She did not talk to me about anything with the cleaning or maintenance of my teeth, just over pressured this cosmetic procedure. When I walked out I honestly wanted to cry.

Prior to this I have had a wonderful experience with all the staff at Boston Dental Design. I needed to write the review because I honestly felt disrespected.

4 stars Customer since 2019

This is the first time I met Dr. Song. She is patient and professional. Proficient in the dental procedures and techniques. I strongly recommend her to other patients.

5 stars Verified customer


Thank you! My mouth guard is a great fit. Everyone is pleasant and helpful. Please maintain this groovy form.



5 stars Customer since 2017

If you don't like going to the dentist, this team will totally change your views!! Everyone is absolutely wonderful, I had to get an unexpected filling for a cavity in-between my teeth and the process was quick and painless. I didn't experience one ounce of stress or anxiety, I highly recommend coming here to anyone that typically hates going to dental appointments. The office is high-end and there are nice views of the city while you are in the dental chair.

3 stars Verified customer

I was pretty displeased with the front desk staff. The person called me on Friday for my appointment the following week for my dental history and reminding me to fill out forms. I told her I had gotten xrays done at another boston dentist and she asked me to have them sent to her. In the past, the front desk staff of every other dentist has done this rather than asking me to do it for them. but, I obliged. She also asked me to fill out forms with my insurance -- which I told her I already did on Zocdoc but she said they didnt have them. Again, I obliged. She said she would send me the email i needed to send everything to via email and text. I never received this email or text. Then when I showed up for my appointment she told me the dentist couldnt help me if i didnt have the xrays from my other dentist -- this wasnt true and the entist was absolutely able to help me. However, i did hear her whispering with another staff member about how i never had the xrays sent -- super unprofessional! Finally, she told me she would reach out after my appoitnment regarding my insurance coverage, again she did not do this. Honestly, if it werent for the dentist herself this review would be a much lower rating.

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Never thought I would walk out of a dental office thinking "that was a great cleaning!" Kudos to Nelson - he was thorough, skilled, and hit just the right level of talking while working.

5 stars Customer since 2000

I had two recent appointments and was not looking forward to them -- quite a lot of work involved, 5 hours in total. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I need not have worried. Dr. Song is dedicated, efficient, thorough, focused, and highly knowledgeable. When informed that the usual amount of lidocaine is not sufficient in my case, she made sure that my mouth was completely numb before beginning work. Both appointments took less time than scheduled and were stress-free.

5 stars Customer since 2020

The overall experience was great. They are very polite and kind. The Dc and his assistant are awesome as well as the front desk personnel.

5 stars Customer since 2004

Friendly and knowledgeable staff