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I am a new patient at lenscrafters and I must say that my first visit was very enlightening, I have had a very annoying chronic eye problem for the last 2 years and Dr. Hopper impressed me to no end with her expertise and has probably solved an issue, that 5 different ophthalmologists didn't seem that concerned about. She is very knowledgeable and has a very nice demeanor. after my examination Randall fitted my new frames and he was also very friendly and patient as it can be very bewildering to choose a new frame with so many choices. I will definitely be using Lenscrafters at this location in the future.

sign me as a very happy patient, Jack.

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This ad for Brewer Eye Associates came at a perfect time. I was going to write a review, regardless. My family and I have been patients at the Montgomery Mall location in North Wales for years. My mother had a recent visit and called to make an inquiry about a test and billing. After four unanswered messages, she gave up. Weeks later, she recieved an email from an address she did not recognize but noticed “Brewer” was part of that address. She nearly replied but thought better of it having just been the victim of an online scam which led to a financial fiasco. She has been leery of online communication, bill paying, and banking since this situation. Mom decided to try contacting the office again. Once more, she called several times, left messages, and FINALLY, more than a week later, received a return call.

The Brewer representative spoke to my mom as if she was a bothersome child. This woman spoke down to mom, talked over her, and did not take into account while my mother is a viable, intelligent lady, she is a senior citizen, the recent target of a fraudulent online transaction, and is not comfortable not receiving invoices and paying her bills through the mail. Times are different but we are creaures of habit. When mom asked the rep to send her an invoice she would gladly pay, she was met with an abrupt, “Fine. What’s your address?”

Are we so automated in our business dealings we forget how to be considerate, tactful, patient, and decent? It seems to be the way of the world anymore to put profit over people and hire anyone to fill a position regardless of their professionalism.

Brewer lost a patient in my mother. They’ve also lost a patient in me and our extended family. Maybe four people won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things but I believe reviews are the best way to applaud or disparage the behavior of a company and/or its employees. Unfortunately, this time it was the latter.

Do better, Brewer. Train your employees the meaning of respect.

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I've been a patient here for several years. And while I like Kyle Nichols as my eye doc, everything else has gone down hill. Good luck trying to be in touch if you need to contact them for anything. You might hear back after a couple weeks, if you're lucky.....and I use that word loosely, and you will get an attitude from some of the people working for the company. I don't understand how they are still in business. I feel bad for the doctors doing a good job, only to have it screwed up by the business end. I would not want my name on this company. What happened Dr. Brewer???

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Excellent as always. The facility is clean and well-maintained, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The doctors always take the time to review my chart during my visits, checking for changes to prescriptions/supplements that may affect my eye health and comparing the current scans to past ones. They listen to my concerns for the appropriate single-use eyewear for extended computer use versus the progressive/bifocal prescription I need for general tasks like shopping and driving.

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Overall the experience was good. The Tech was effecient and friendly. I would have liked the doctor to introduce herself since I had never had an appointment with her prior to this visit.

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Everyone is always nice.

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Need to improve being on time for appointments.

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People always friendly and great

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Dr. Evan's and staff were extraordinary professional and helped me get exactly what I needed. Dr. Evan's attention to detail and personal warmth are a great asset to this practice.

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Quick and efficient appointment