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What others had to say

1 stars Customer since 2013

Dentist office called me just one hour before my scheduled appointment to cancel it because they reviewed my records and I did not need the cleaning, after I called the week before the appointment to confirm, I wasted half day off from work. I am very disappointed.

1 stars Verified customer

I took a day off from work to have my tooth worked on. I got turned away due to my high blood pressure. I told Ms. Patel that I have always had high blood pressure. This is the first time I ever got kicked out of a dentist office due to high blood pressure!

1 stars Verified customer

I did not like their service fir many reasons

1 stars Verified customer

Bad experience

1 stars Verified customer

I expected more information on the treatment, esp in common man's language. Ex, in my previous visit, I was initially told they will do a permanent filling. Then when I was there for the appointment, i was told they will do Crown prep. At that point it was not clear to me what it meant. Only after the treatment, I was told it is temp crown and had to pay ~1000$. If I had known upfront that it is a temp crown, I would have discussed about the alternatives.

1 stars

My appointment was canceled three times and was pushed off two months due to the office scheduling.

I thought I was going to be completely unconscious while getting my wisdom teeth out. I had been given Valium to take one in the morning and two a half hour before my appointment. By the time I actually was brought into the room about 20 minutes late the Valium was completely worn off. The Doc started numbing my face and did not say anything about giving me anything else. I finally asked if I was getting laughing gas or anything and the nurse was surprised there was nothing written down about it, but she got it for me. It was not until an hour after my appointment was supposed to be that they actually started doing anything. The gas did nothing. I do not mind going to the dentist at all. The entire time the procedure was being done I was shaking and crying and having a panic attack and I physically could not talk. The only releasing I did not have a complete mental breakdown was because I had music blasting in my ears so I was able to shut out some of what was going on. I have never had such an awful experience in my entire life. I was absolutely terrified and the doc seemed to have no idea that my entire body was shaking and I was crying. The only communication I was able to give was raising my left hand if it hurt.