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94.5% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars

I was given great care and knowing my health history the dentist kept asking if I was doing OK. The assistant did slip a couple times and give me a slight shower when she went to rinse my mouth. (ha ha)

Midway through the long procedure my anaesthesia started running out, and I was given a second group of injections into my upper gums right under my nose until I was very numb!

My face above my lower lip to the top of my nose stayed numb beyond midnight. My upper lip felt like I had injections to have lips that were larger than Angelina Jolie's. They did stay swollen for a few days and were sore, but I am back to my own lips.

Thank You for you caring about me and not just me teeth and Thank You both for your kind smiles and sweet spirits.

4 stars

Routine exam, x-rays and cleaning today. Waited my usual 20-30 minutes past my appointment but I like the good experience they provide, so it is worth it. I have a preferred dentist, Dr. G., but they always try to have me see another dentist by telling me it will be a long wait to see him. They know I prefer him, so why can't they book his time so I can see who I prefer.

Was surprised this time that they no longer give out tooth brushes, floss and toothpaste. But I guess like most businesses, everyone is finding ways to cut costs. I guess I'll have to start buying my own.

5 stars

I am the 2 out of 10. The guywho had extream fear of dentist.After I reviewed I read some bad reviews. If I may touch on some. I thought the technology level at the office was amazing. Instant Digital xrays. Not out of date. Very clean. And price, i am in the lower working class my job is seasonal. I am currently layed off with no insurance. The price to surgicaly extract all teeth and complete denture with lower implants were reasonable it will take planning.

5 stars

On a scale 0-10. 10 being. Great teeth 0 being meth mouth, I was at about 2. With horrifying teeth and an extreme fear of the dentists office. It finally got so bad I had to get 1 tooth pulled. During My Painless visit we came up with a game plan. I have been back and I cant wait to return again. The girls are great. and. Dr.hammoud. has completely Changed my attitude towards the dentist. Thank you !

1 stars Verified customer

Bright Side Dental has a bright name, unlike the office which looks dirty and outdated. Pretty pathetic when you go to this dentist the first time and walk out with a $ 1,200 ESTIMATE. An estimate for dental work - what a rip off. Not happy and not going back!

5 stars Verified customer

Was not impressed and will not return.

5 stars Verified customer

A visit to the dentist is never a treat for me. However, I do appreciate that Brightside Dental is always clean, the staff is professional and pleasant, and they do make you as comfortable as they can. Brightside was able to give me a same day appointment and I always receive service with a smile. Keep up the good work!

5 stars Verified customer

All the staff is very friendly and helpful and I generally don't have to wait too long!

5 stars Verified customer

Great experience - waiting was a problem pretty timely. and no pain

5 stars Verified customer

Very kind staff. I was able to be seen the same day I called. Wouldn't have minded a free toothbrush and dental floss though. : )