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1 stars Customer since 2015

Our experience with BRAC ended up killing our dog. He had a significant loss of fur after our move to Indy. Instead of diagnosing his "obvious" Cushings symptoms, they charged is $400 to tell us he had allergies. Because, apparently Indy causes allergies and hair loss.

They then offered expensive, ongoing treatment for these "allergies" as well as an ongoing "insurance" plan. We passed on the "insurance", but tried the allergy treatments unsuccessfully for a year before abandoning them for a real clinic. At this clinic, the vet immediately diagnosed Cushings and performed tests to determine what type. Our "real" vet made it clear that only a facility focused on money, not medicine would diagnose hair loss as a minor allergy - but allergy meds do have a much higher margin than can be had from expensive Cushings medicines.

Unfortunately by then, the treatments had limited effect & yesterday our beloved pet passed.

Our experience is Broad Ripple Animal Clinic is about leveraging your love for your furbaby, draining your wallet, and leaving you with a sick or dead pet.

I recommend you avoid this business.

1 stars Verified customer

At BRAC you are paying for apple computers, iPads, a Kerig coffee machine in the lobby and free bottled water. You are NOT paying for the of care of your beloved family pet, you are paying for glitz. Style over substance. I repeat, you are not paying for the care because they are about managing an illness verses making them well in favor of higher profits.

They will completely play on your emotions and use the affection you have for your pet as a commodity they can exploit in a series of tests, treatments and other up charges. Meanwhile, your pet will most likely be misdiagnosed with the most expensive illness to treat. Then, after they only get worse under their "care" and you take your animal to another clinic, the vet who actually cares about pets will look at your dog for under two minutes and know exactly what's wrong and begin correct treatment immediately.

This is not hyperbole. The new vet literally walked into the exam room, without even talking to us first and said, "Looks like we have a Cushings dog here..." A simple urine test confirmed what he knew just by looking at our dog for less than 90 seconds. BRAC couldn't figure this out in a year? Makes me wonder if they even really tested his urine and blood.

However, in the end, because they misdiagnosed our dog, I feel on purpose, treatment was too late and our precious dog passed away. I'm not sure saying I hate them is a strong enough of a sentiment.

5 stars Customer since 2017

My dog was treated very well here, and so was I. The staff and veterinarians are highly knowledgeable and caring. They truly listened to my concerns, then examined my dog. Before doing anything, they provided a written treatment plan, including the cost. They are not overpriced. I wish I had brought my animals here sooner. Definitely highly recommend.

5 stars Customer since 2002

Dr. Neumann and the staff of Broad Ripple Animal Clinic are the best! They go above and beyond to help my sensitive Italian Greyhound get extraordinary care. We are grateful for their help with getting our pups the care they need to be healthy and happy!

5 stars Customer since 2016

My visit was great as always! everyone is so friendly and really cares about our pets!! Thanks again BRAC!

5 stars Customer since 2000

Just adopted a 3-year-old cat from a foster home-based rescue organization and didn't have many details about his history. But confident in the care provided by Dr. Bill Neumann and the rest of the BRAC staff. They were mindful of our new situation and took as much time as necessary to answer every question I had and made sure I had all the other information we needed, even what I didn't know to ask. Also followed up later with additional details acquired from testing, which was conducted thoughtfully and in the best way possible to limit my animal's stress while keeping him comfortable. We will definitely return — for many, many years, I pray.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Everyone was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for making my first visit as a pet-owner so great!

5 stars Customer since 2012

I think we have seen every single dr, vet tech, and ancillary staff at BR Animal Clinic, and can emphatically say that they are ALL knowledgeable, friendly, capable and caring. It always feels like a friend is taking care of our entire family. It is great that they explain what they are doing and offer proactive suggestions..every single one of them! We wouldn't go anywhere else!!

5 stars Customer since 1990

Great service as always!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Wonderful experience! Amazing staff and clean modern facility.