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1 stars Customer since 2016

I came to Bubon orthodontics with a groupon hoping to realign my teeth after not wearing retainers (had braces in high school). I had nothing major to fix, no crossbite or anything, just general straightening. They said invisalign would be fine, so I agreed to it. Well they provided me with about 11 trays and said at the end of those trays we would see the results and if I was satisfied they would remove my attachments and we would be done. Well everything was fine when I was wearing the invisalign trays, towards the end of treatment when I would take out my trays my bite felt weird. One of my canine teeth now contacts the bottom teeth before all the other teeth, resulting in an uncomfortable sensation anytime I bite or rest my top jaw against the bottom one. The other teeth on my jawline don't seem to mesh as well either, and things just didn't seem quite as aligned as they did after my previous orthodontic experience. I made this very clear to everyone. Their first solution was to grind down the inside of my canine tooth to try and alleviate this. They repeated this twice and it didn't do anything except make me nervous that they would chip my tooth or grind too much away. After another extra visit and several attempts at explaining things didn't feel right, Dr. Bubon denied anything was wrong and said my teeth were perfect. I asked if I could get more trays or get any other treatment and he kept just saying how perfect my teeth were. Keep in mind I had NONE of these issues before treatment.

I then went to two other orthodontists for opinions and they said invisalign isn't the best and they aren't big fans. It is strictly for cosmetic use. So what happened is my teeth were generally straightened but CREATED bite issues. The other orthodontists said to fix what I have now I would need braces with rubber band use to make my bite mesh correctly again. I also gave them some of the info about my experience with Bubon and they said based on the number of trays I received they probably only signed me up for a "half treatment" which means invisalign won't make any more trays after treatment is complete if any adjustment needs to be made. This explains why he refused to change anything after I was done with the initial trays.

If they would have told me to get traditional braces I would have got them, so it is frustrating. Why recommend invisalign if it is going to create issues? Now I wasted about 3/4 of my insurance coverage on this treatment and if I wanted to fix this I would have to get 1.5 years of braces and ANOTHER $3000 or so. I've tried waiting 8 months to see if I would get used to things but they still bother me.

On top of all this, I had my initial appointments at the Waukesha location and was told by Kristen I could have my trays taken to a different location for subsequent visits since Wauwatosa was closer for me. Once I was done with the Waukesha appointments they wouldn't let me schedule anywhere else. Also, anytime you needed to reschedule an appointment it would have to be a month or so after you called. Just a very bad experience. So disappointing. The only positive thing I can say is that the office staff is extremely friendly and love children.

5 stars Customer since 2017

My son said it was a nice place and the staff was cordial.

5 stars Customer since 2017

They Was Very Honest , I Was Comfortable And Everyone Was Friendly.

5 stars Customer since 2016

The staff is professional, friendly, and quick.

5 stars Customer since 2017

I went I for my consultation on a Tuesday and had my braces on and treatment started on that Thursday! I absolutely love the young lady that conducted my consultation the doctor and the young lady who put my braces on. Everyone from the front desk chicks to everyone in the back is extremely nice and polite! Looking forward to the next year of treatments!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Great staff! Always professional and informative.

5 stars Customer since 2017

It was great

4 stars Customer since 2015

A great option for orthodontics!!

5 stars


2 stars

This time, our experience was actually positive. The women at the front desk were very helpful. But that is a rare thing.

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