Budget Brakes - Government Street

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The guy at the front desk (blond hair, stocky build) needs a little more training in customer service. I spoke when I came into the store and no response. kept doing what he was doing. I presented what i was there for and he cut me off and said he was waiting on another customer. I didn't see anyone else. I sat down and waited while he did something on the computer. 15 minutes later he ask for my information....He was just very nonchalant and a little on the edge of rude and trying to be nice enough to get by.

5 stars Customer since 2023

Very timely and courtesy

5 stars Customer since 2023

The Store manager and staff was absolutely great! I would definitely recommend this location. They fixed the problem and I was very thankful!

5 stars Verified customer

Extremely knowledgeable staff very helpful and quick service

4 stars Customer since 2009

Excellent staff! Got me in and out quickly.

2 stars Customer since 2023

If I would have know I was being charged 30 dollars to pay for employee gloves I would have went somewhere else...139.00 was and ok price for brake pads..adding 30 dollars made the price way to much..the service and time was awesome..just cost to much...and the sign say 89.00 but when you get there it's 2 times that amount...if you call anywhere else they give you a straight up price..not at this place...

2 stars Customer since 2010

I specifically called prior to deciding Budget Brakes and gave the guy on the phone the year make and model of my vehicle and he quoted me $100 to replace my front brake pads. When I got there the price changed to $171 because he said they don't quote labor over the phone. I specifically called and asked how much and not one time did he say it did not include labor or an additional $24 in shop fees. When someone calls for a price, that's what they want. I know brake pads are not $100 by themselves, so why was I told $100? He said labor is $85.00 ok the sign says brakes start at $89.99, so please tell me what brake pads you all sell for $4.99, other that that the sign is false advertising. I used to sell brakes as I was the manager of Pepboys for 3 years, so I see the inconsistencies in what I was told. I was also told they had to do a safety inspection on the vehicle, however I was not advised that my two rear tires were showing wires on the inside. This is an extreme safety hazard and the only reason I was told anything was when I walked to my car after the technician performed the final test drive and he said "hey, your rear tire stabbed my when I went to put it on...its wires are showing so you might want to get them changed", but from a company standpoint I was told nothing. The quality of work performed with the front brake work itself seems to be sufficient, but I am very disappointed over the price difference as well as the inability to inform me of other safety hazards just because you all dont do tires.

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Highly satisfied

1 stars Customer since 2023

All their ads and coupons they send in the mail every week are a joke the $100 brakes is actually more than $600 at first they try to say that’s not their Ad and then show them they say it’s just a suggestion and when your not there but your fiancé is waiting on your car all the guys are laughing and making jokes about you actually believing the Ad!!!! Will never use this or any other Budget as long as I live!!!

5 stars Customer since 2023

Everyone at the shop was friendly and they got the job done in record time. Very pleased with the service.