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1 stars

i have nothing bad to say about customer service-- all are polite and very friendly. the only thing i discovered was that copays are ridiculously higher than what is written on paper on insurance. they did made a mistake of putting me in aetna hmo and not on my cigna hmo. i did call them after my first treatment with them and they told me that this is the information given to them. when they referred me to a specialist for a root canal i was not able to do even the consultation because it was under aetna hmo. if i still go over then i will be charge $120 when it should be 0 copay at all. the lady confirmed i should be in cigna hmo and printed me out the charges and it was almost 3x than what it should have been. example crown filling should only be at $225 and then i was charge $630 for it.hopefully they give me clarifications on this one. it is jut so frustrating giving time and spending a lot of money on it plus breaking the trust that you give because you think they are taking care of you.i hope this is really just an honest mistake.

4 stars Customer since 2011

the staff and dentist were very pleasant. the problem I had was with the time it took from first seeing the dentist untill he returned to start treating me. after examining me and giving me a shot to numb the trouble area, I did not see the doctor for quite a while, by the time he returned the numbness was already starting to subside. I would like see a little shorter time in between.