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Thank you for supporting Campus Veterinary Clinic. Please note that we have changed our scheduling protocols due to the NEW Covid 19 Protocols. For expedited assistance, please call us at 510-549-1252. 
*We are currently NOT booking for NEW CLIENTS at this point in time unfortunately due to the Covid-19. We do not know when we will accept new clients. Please feel free to check around in the area for other great veterinary care :) 
New Procedures Starting June 15!
We've missed seeing our wonderful clients in person !We are excited to welcome vaccinated, masked clients into the clinic for their pet's doctor appointment and to pick up medications. 
We kindly ask that all unvaccinated clients (including children) remain outside the clinic. We'll continue to provide curbside service for the unvaccinated - and any others who choose to remain in their cars - and do all communication over the phone.   
Doctor Appointments: Please bring a cell phone and call us when you arrive. We'll do intake over the phone for every appointment. Vaccinated clients who wish to come inside will be met at the front door and escorted into the clinic .Masks must be worn covering the nose and mouth at all times. Only two vaccinated clients are allowed in each appointment.   While in the clinic, please maintain a respectful distance from the staff.
For those receiving curbside service, we'll bring your pet inside after conducting intake. While your pet is in the clinic we request that you remain onsite. Your pet will have the standard 30-minute appointment. Technician Appointments: All technician appointments will be curbside service. Please call us when you arrive.
Medication Pick-up
Vaccinated, masked individuals can come inside to purchase their medications. Unvaccinated individuals should call when they arrive - we'll take payment over the phone and bring out the medication. 
A reminder that we have a same day cancellation policy. If you are unable to make this appointment, please let us kn

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