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My daughter and I have very sick dog so we took him to Canyon Pet Hospital and we both gave all our faith in to them (the staff) to help our baby out. With 4 days the doctor and nurses help our baby Cole to overcome his sickness and was able to come home. I am very grateful for the staff and doctor at Canyon Pet Hospital for all their work and help to have our furry baby home. I really like that the doctor and nurses would call us everyday to give us updates on our Coles progress and that we were able to see and talk to him over the phone. Was a peace of mind and also to show Cole that we loved him and we want him to get better to come home. We told him to be strong and fight really hard. So now Cole has been home for a few weeks and he is doing good and getting better as days go by. We missed our baby Cole when he was at Canyon Pet Hospital, but over all it was worth it to finally have him home. Thank You Thank You.

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I haven been very impressed with the service offered by all the staff at the hospital and can highly recommend them. I am grateful for the after hours and emergency care provided.

I cannot however, recommend their boarding facility. Although it is clean I don't feel the kennel staff are trained properly. My experience has been that the information taken at intake does not get transferred on. I have been called late at night from a staff member just realizing my dog was supposed to have medication hours ago wanting to know what to do. I have been plaintively lied to about my two small dogs having a large kennel for an extended 8-10 day stay only to find out they had been"stuffed' into a small kennel because they needed the kennel for a big dog and my guys met the weight requirement to be put in a small kennel.

I have stressed each time that my one dog cannot be lifted into a second story kennel because it twists his back only to witness a staff member almost drop him when taking out of a second level kennel.

After taking the time to write out detailed instructions regarding feeding, treats, meds to find the containers not even opened up, and after speaking with staff at length about my dog being rehabbed from a ruptured disc from not being able to walk to now walking but the need to a level surface and no twisting, the staff do whatever is convenient. I have paid for walks only to find out that the staff were too busy so they did not get them, on more that one occasion. On several occasions after picking my dogs up from the kennel I had to drive to Phoenix to have my dog's spine adjusted (five hours time, $250 bill) After feeling like my concerns were falling on deaf ears, having spent more than $10K, and 1000's of hours rehabbing this dog so he could walk and have some quality of life.I stopped using the kennel facilities.

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Dr. Carron and staff took very good care of our dog Bruno. He stayed at the hospital 3 nights due to a blockage causing major digestive symptoms. There is a nurse on duty all night so I could call (which I did!) to check on our boy. Everyone with whom I came in contact was professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. Also, I was given costs before any procedures or hospital stays.

This is a first rate facility and staff.

3 stars Customer since 2018

I would like to say that canyon always takes good care of my dogs. However, it can be frustrating when expectations are not clearly communicated. For example, my dog recently stayed overnight to monitor due to vomiting. I was told I would get a call the next day with update. The nurse called in the morning with update and said that the doctor would call when he got a minute with xray results. I waited by my phone all day, hoping I could bring my boy home. I ended up calling back and they said doctor was in surgery all day and likely wouldn't call until after 5 or 6. If this had been communicated earlier it would have saved much anxiety. They also charged for a sscond day in hospital because he was there over 24 hours. Again, not a huge deal, but this wasn't communicated or explained clearly prior to pick up.

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The service was great and the staff were attentive and friendly. I had to wait out in the hot car with 2 dogs for 20 minutes past my appointment which was a huge disappointment. As soon as we got in, though, I was put at ease and the dogs had a pleasant vet check-up.

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We go once a month for our dog's medicine. They are always polite to us. It is the greatest clinic!

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Outstanding customer/pet service and reasonable prices! Why would I go anywhere else! I wouldn't!


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Our two young cats ate steel wool in the middle of the night and both had to have emergency abdominal surgery. Dr. Folkers and Dr. McGill operated on them simultaneously, on a Saturday evening nonetheless! Dr. Folkers was incredibly communicative during their recovery and hospital stay, and went to the clinic on both of his days off to check on them and evaluate their progress. The nursing staff was also incredibly supportive and sent me text updates and pictures. This was a traumatic experience made bearable but the kindness and care we received.

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I was able to get in and pick up my pet's prescription quickly and the front desk staff were friendly and helpful

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Amazing experience. Everyone was so great! The Dr worked magic. Thank you!