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5 stars Customer since 2017

The staff were very courteous and knowledgeable. I was given the diagnosis, options and level of care in safe, secure manner. At no time did I not know the details regarding my dogs care.

Very Professional.

5 stars Customer since 2009

Dr Diaz and his team are knowledgeable and were great with Khyber. I also very much appreciated that they did not shave off her feathers when they placed her catheter. Thank you.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Chinook was transferred to CARE from the 4th street animal vet clinic after suffering bouts of prolonged seizures which rendered him lifeless. Each member of the hospital at CARE displayed great compassion and well being for Chinook and all animals that I witnessed throughout my repeated visits to the clinic. It was with continued compassion in considering prognosis that Chinook be euthanized. He was kept under supervision and overnight in the neurology department. Again, endless monitoring at CARE assured he was in the best possible hands allowing contact with the nurses at any time with updates, questions and concerns. They allowed my daughter and I to be with him for an extended visit while being dedicated to all other animals in their care. The hospital reminded me of any other human hospital equipped with state of the art monitoring facilities and teams of dedicated workers working around the clock. As a mom to Chinook who got me through the hardest trials of my life it was something that tore us apart to consider euthanization as a final result. I am a specialized teacher of 26 years and realize in our professions that we are not flawless and do the best we can with the knowledge we have gained throughout our careers. The team at CARE works together to achieve the best for our animals a.k.a family. Chinook was taken home to spend his last days unable to walk, and blind. He was a fighter and throughout the night, with no signs of pain and an appetite that wouldn't stop he slowly began to recover. Chinook had some difficulty as well to sit down and up before the seizures, so I began to do therapy on him while working his back legs and he ultimately did the rest. His will to stand was like nothing I have seen in him. He managed to work his front legs as I gathered his back hind legs from under his belly. Eventually out of pure exhaustion I put together a sling and he began to take baby steps around and around the house. I might add Chinook is a wolf malamute cross that weighs almost 55 kg, no lightweight! Throughout that day and night and into the early morning hours we worked together. That morning at sunrise like a wounded soldier, Chinook crawled and managed his way to the kitchen door. His excitement rose when I released the fresh morning scent of air on his face. His enduring will to walk gave him the courage and power to crawl to the deck and lift his body to begin his biggest break through. The onset of medication as well was all but released from his body. I worked any muscles and feet that he dragged behind him. That very morning he was walking the back yard. Trotting in his favorite park that afternoon and running the ravine the next day. CARE has an arsenal of knowledge, compassion and truly live by their oath for all animals. Chinooks vet at care was most professional and held the highest compassion and care throughout our experience at CARE. Chinook was quickly referred to Dr.Diaz upon his return to neurology. And after our first consultation, I am confident Chinook's outlook and quality of life will be his best chance to date of living with his condition of epilepsy. It will be our journey together alongside the expertise and guidance the team members of CARE has to offer. Thank you to everyone, for your continued dedication in your profession.

Never give up on those you love and love what you do! Aniko (Chinook's Mom) August 17/2017

5 stars Customer since 2014

Dr. Valentine is the best doctor I have come across in all of my years as a pet owner. She truly cares about her patients and takes time to figure things out. She doesn't rush you and is always willing to give you a call or write an email. I can't praise her enough for her efforts.

5 stars Customer since 2017

This was a very positive experience, I was well informed on the surgery and the staff are very caring and knowledgable. Anytime your animal is sick or hurt or needs help the people taking care of them helps the process and the staff here are amazing ! I work in a hospital myself and I understand what kind of people it takes to comfort and care for those that are sick or who are coming in or out of surgery.The care centre team are just awesome!Thank you so much I definitely will share my experience with my other friends who have for babies. Teddy also thinks you for the great care you took in restoring his eyesight! no words for that from my little pooch xo

5 stars Customer since 2017

Thank you for providing my baby Henry with the care and support he needed! And thank you for the continued support for myself during this hard time! You have been amazing and I'm forever grateful for the staff going above and beyond for me and my kitty!

5 stars Customer since 2012

Every time I visit this Centre I am impressed. The doctors and staff are amazing and the care they give my pet is incredible.

5 stars Customer since 2017

We were regulars at the CARE Centre from January through July of 2017. One of our dogs was diagnosed with anal gland adenocarcinoma and had surgery to remove that gland and a lymph node it metastasized to. She underwent extensive chemo under Dr. Larson and her team and had a good six months before the cancer eventually spread to her other organs. Throughout the treatment, the oncology team was top notch and they almost felt like family. Very compassionate and their love of dogs shined through to the very last moment with our youngest dog.

Unfortunately a few months after our younger dog was diagnosed, our older dog was diagnosed with leukemia. It was heartbreaking not only to us, but the CARE Centre team. They treated her as best they could with chemo, but she also became a victim of cancer.

The oncology team was there supporting us every step of the way and I can honestly say, they saw us cry more than anyone else on earth. I trust Dr Larson and her team and I know together, we tried everything we could.

I hope that in the future I don't have an animal that needs oncology care, but if I do, this is the place I would go.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Superior care!

3 stars Customer since 2006

I found the Dr very caring and took time to explain, I was sent home with a drugged cat. The staff didn't tell me he would be skittish and out of it for the entire day!! These are things that need to be told to clients!

Very busy in there I understand and each case should be dealt with with care!!

Maybe more staff is needed, just my thoughts!!!

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I've been going to a different dentist for about a year. I trusted them to help me take care of my teeth. After complaining to my dentist about my tooth hurting non-stop and getting dismissed twice saying it was fine, I decided to ask another dentist because I no longer trusted my current dentist. That is when I went to Altima, what my doctor discovered was a cracked tooth through and through. It was not visible via x-ray, but a close inspection revealed a fully cracked tooth. I'm happy to say I will no longer be going to my other dentist. I know i can trust the dentists and staff at Altima.
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