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I haven't been back to this office in years because of the treacherous treatment I received. My temporary crown came off twice while waiting for a crown to come back from the lab. This should have never happened with proper materials and care. Temporary crowns should be adhered to a DRY surface when placed. I begged another dentist to finish the work that was started at Smile Design Dentistry. I am so thankful to have a background in dental assisting to have caught this issue before I paid them close to a thousand dollars to place a permanent crown. The office assistants were rude to me when I explained to them the issues I was having in their office. I cringe every time I get an email from Smile Designs, which hasn't started until recently after not being a patient for several years. I recommend finding treatment with a private dentist office rather than a corporation, especially this one.

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Son was caused much pain and little comfort from dentist; she just expressed disappointment.Not going back.

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The dentist will not even see my child because they referred him to another dentist, even though I explained that no work was done due to the out of pocket expenses. He as only referred due to his anxiety and they thought he should use iv sedation, I explained he needed two extraction they had his x-rays but could they use local anesthesia or at least see how he responds know. It's had been 6 months since his last visit. No they wouldn't even help my cold who is pain so I'm looking for another doctor who will and start all over again. I wouldn't recommend them at all.

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Very nice staff. They take of whatever your needs are!! Great people... very understanding!!

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I never got past the x-rays. She could not take the x-rays because she could not position the instrument in my mouth correctly. It felt like it was cutting into my gums and there was no way I could bite down. Horrible experience ! After 15 minutes of torture I finally got up out of the chair and said "I am done !" I then left. Can you imagine the type of dental work they would have done if they were not even competent enough to take x-rays ??? I have had a great deal of dental work done through the years (by other dentists) and have never had this problem.

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Very unhappy with Smile Design. Every time I visit they attempt to overcharge me for services rendered. My insurance covers dental exam/cleaning and X-rays , yet they always try to charge me. I have to ask them to submit to BCBS. If so didn't argue with them they would charge me the full amount. Also my most recent dental cleaning was very painful. The hygienist was stretching my mouth and using so much force I had to ask her to stop several times. My family will NOT be back.

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Beware....they will upsell you on dental work, cleanings. Owner makes 7 million plus.....I'm sure his employees get some kind of kick back for hard closing dental work that is Not necessary. Don't let them scare you into unnecessary dental work.....get second opinion first. Good luck.

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I'm not sure how this place got such great reviews. I went in for a "special" they had for cleaning and examination. The dentist there tell me I had two cavities, and would need to have a filling redone, and a brand new crown, and some sort of special oral irrigation done - all in all - about $2400 worth of work done. On top of that - they told me they would not clean my teeth then, that I would have to come back later, and they would only do it after I started the prescribed treatment. So I paid for the special, and didn't even get the cleaning done.

I went to get a second opinion from another dentist. Didn't tell the second one what the Smile Design dentist told me. Got done, needed one filling redone, and some cleaning, and that was it. When I asked if i had any new cavities, he said absolutely not, and showed me. The dentist wanted to drill in to two perfectly good teeth and "fix" them, even though there was nothing wrong with them.

My wife went recently for the third time, after having two better experiences than I did. I only went because she liked them. They started to clean her teeth. They spent a long time scraping and nothing more. They then told her she would need to come back another day for polishing. What's up with that?

In the three times my wife has been, there's been a new hygienist and a new dentist each time. Must be a ton of turnover.

I simply can not recommend them. And now, I'm getting emails for an appointment that I never made, for a dentist I never saw.

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Office staff behaves like robots at checkout, need to work on approachability and pleasant small talk.

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A lot of "extras" being sold to make a dollar.

Smile Design Dentistry of Carrollwood replied:

Please call us! We're more than happy to review what you were prescribed and give any explanations needed. We're sorry you feel this way. We only prescribe what we feel is necessary for your personal oral care.