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I brought in my dog for his annual vaccines and check up. He’s been very sensitive to medication in the past and had a very bad reaction when given multiples medicines from the same procedure. This time around I expressed concern with having them give multiple vaccines and medications at the same time to my dog, as he’s sensitive. They proceeded to give him everything at once along with some Dog benadryl. A $300 estimated visit took a turn for the worst. After bringing my dog home and having him settle for over an hour, we wanted to make sure he was ok - all seemed fine. My wife and I went out to run some errands and when we got home there were 15+ piles of dog vomit all over the couch and rugs which we had to throw out. I immediately called the vet and brought him back in, only to have him shot up with more medication and another fat bill. This all could’ve been avoided if they acknowledged his sensitivity and my input. My vet bill almost tripled after this whole scenario so needless to say I’ll be looking around for another vet. The staff seem friendly but don’t seem to listen very well. With a somewhat negligent decision on their part, my dog had another bad reaction and has seemed out of sorts and upset ever since. Long story short I’m disappointed with my experience and having to pay even more after their mess up. They could’ve waived my additional fees and that would’ve left me with a better feeling; and/or admitted it was a mistake on their end, since this has all happened before. I’m not a vet and put my trust in their knowledge and care, only to have it backfire on me.

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Received personal and robust care for my pup when we came in for his annual exam. He's dog aggressive and they were more than able to accommodate him to make sure he and other dogs were safe on our visit.

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Was able to get an appointment within 1 day of calling. Jen and Dr. Weinstein did a thorough exam of Duncan and offered a few options for treatment. I felt they both had Duncan’s best interest at heart and we’re concerned for his well being. They were both very gentle during the exam and were clear with instructions for his care. Prices for the visit were reasonable and I liked the convenience of being shown the final bill and being able to pay while still in the exam room. A very nice office although parking is a bit of a challenge due to location, but definitely worth the visit.

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Always feel that me and my animals are well represented and taken care of. Helpful to know I can discuss alternative options when finances dictate the need.

Thank you.

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When we have to bring our dog in for some veterinary care, there's no place we would rather go than City Pets Vet. Everyone there has taken the time to get to know us, remembers our care history, and takes the time to work with us on a solution. They make us feel comfortable without forcing any solutions on us - something that we very much appreciate. Everyone at City Pets Vet is great!

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It was very good, not too long to wait for a doctor, was very kind and gentle with Rey. It was all very smooth and straightforward

5 stars Customer since 2018

Thanks for taking care of Basil!

5 stars Customer since 2015

City Pets is a wonderful place! We trust them fully with the care of our cat and dog.

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They were able to fit us in last minute when my dog was injured and took excellent care of her.

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As usual, this group of pet physicians are rock stars! My dog blew out his knee playing fetch and they got us in right away and gave the best advice. They were patient and loving, it most of all incrediblely knowledge.