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City Pets Vet is awesome! My cat was really sick in January and we didn't think she had much time left, but they recommended a course of treatment that has been really amazing. She's like a whole new kitty, and she's 16! Everyone at the clinic is so helpful and kind. I highly recommend City Pets Vet.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Always caring, always cheerful, efficient.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Everyone at City Pet Vets made us feel welcome, especially our dogs. The care they received was thorough and kind.

5 stars Customer since 2017

The staff was kind and knowledgeable. My kitten made a mess in her carrier and they cleaned it all for me, including washing the blanket that had been jnside of it. They showed real interest in my kitten and were very informative about possible reasons my kitten was sneezing and what to watch for. I would highly recommend them to fellow pet owners!

2 stars Customer since 2016

We love how kind anyone always is to both us and our girl Ella. We typically bring her in to get her nails done, as she is commonly nervous given her history with broken nails.

This time we brought her in and gave her trazozone (sp?) an hour before as is suggested by you. We know she gets nervous, as she has had many broken nails over the years.

Sadly, when we got her home, we found that her dew claw wasn't really clipped, but also appears to have a new (perhaps) crack that appears to pain her. We aren't sure if you didn't clip the nail because it was already broken, if you tried to clip the nail but it was too painful for her, or if the nail broke in the process of attempting to clip it. The tech mentioned that one nail might have been clipped a little too high, but we don't recall anyone telling us anything about that dew nail. It was opposite the dew nail that just got repaired and is currently a nub from it breaking it only months ago.

We intentionally go through the process of having you all clip the nail to avoid her nails breaking off and enduring another weeks-long process of surgery and healing her nails - so when we find a nail that is at risk of doing exactly that (and which was not clipped and it was not communicated why), we are disappointed as you might imagine.

We do love city pets vet. You all are so wonderful, and we certainly believe this experience to be an anomaly. But, you sent us a survey so we thought we should share so this doesn't happen on the next visit or to the next patient.

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I had a great experience. I was disappointed in how expensive a nail trim would've been. I ended up going to a groomer afterwards and they cut his quick. Since I was already spending so much money there, it would've been nice to get some sort of deal on a nail trim, especially cuz my dog is so mild mannered.

5 stars Customer since 2014

The best! Caring, quick. They squeezed us in for an emergency after our dog was bitten by another dog. The wound turned out to be far more extensive than I realized, but City Pets made time, gave love and knowledge and he's on to recovery, in spite of the cone he's wearing.

5 stars Customer since 2017

We just move to this area and we were nervous about finding the right vet for us and we did!!!! Amanda was absolutely amazing!!!! Made us all feel so taking care of and like family! Took such a good care of our boy <3 Dr. H. was very knowledgeable and explain things very well and always think of other solutions which is exactly what i want for my babies. We are very happy to found them <3

City Pets Vet replied:

Misa, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Kaja is a sweetheart and we look forward to seeing him again! Amanda couldn't wait to check back in with you this morning and see how Kaja was doing. I hope he is comfortable and feeling better today.

-Amy Brandon, Practice Manager

2 stars Customer since 2017

The staff was friendly, my appointment was on time, with a room ready upon arrival. Explanations were given over my dog and the required 'treatment'. That is the good of the visit, and for some that is all you can ask.

The reason for the below average review is primarily aimed at the pricing. Again, this is my personal experience.

Upon checkout I asked for my copy of the bill to be emailed, and I still have not received to give a more clear explanation on my dissatisfaction. I scheduled an appointment clearly stating that the sole purpose of this visit was for a possible ear infection. I was extremely surprised to find that I was charged roughly $33 to have her ear looked at in addition to the regular examination fee which if I recall was $57.

Overall a $90 visit is not terrible by any means, but it did upset me that they also wanted to charge an additional $47 for what they said would be a very quick in and out follow up appointment.

Now is the part in which having a copy of my bill would prove beneficial. My dog had a yeast ear infection, and they recommended a medicated lotion and a regular cleaner. The cleaner price was at 100% markup from what you would pay online. I then checked with my previous vet, and indeed found that City Pets price for the cleaning solution was still 100% higher than what I would have paid at their office. Having used the product in the past, I asked why the extreme markup. I was quoted 'because it comes directly from the manufacturer'. If anything, that should reduce your cost.

Furthermore I was shown a bill with recommended services for around $500, rather than asking if I had interest in discussing; they were clearly pressuring me to drop my current flea/tick prevention to purchase theirs. We spent a greater amount of time with them offering me services/treatments than we did with my dog's ear.

I ended up overpaying for the ear cleaner and spent $151 essentially for a product to take home and clean my dog's ear. Overall, this establishment feels like a cash-grab; I left the office not feeling like there was concern for my dog's well being, but more so that they sell me as many products as possible.

Very disappointing. I understand the need to make a profit, but I have zero interest in supporting a vet that does not make me feel like the top priority is the well being of my pet. My dog is a family member

City Pets Vet replied:

Chase, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It seems that we did not take the time to explain the value of our services. I understand that recieving an estimate for $500 and failing to explain the reason for the recommendation would be difficult. We take great pride in our client and patient interactions and always aim to have you leave our clinic feeling that we have your pets best interest at heart. I will call you to discuss this further. You are also welcome to contact me at 503-206-4163. Thank you, Amy Brandon, Practice Manager

5 stars Customer since 2017

The staff is friendly and helpful. Quiet, calm, clean environment.