Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing

5 stars Customer since 2015

Quality work and dependable prompt service.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Used there company a few time, they d great work.

5 stars Customer since 2013

The team at Coastal Irrigation is amazing; from the ladies that answer the phone, to Chris that takes care of my irrigation, landscape lighting and well. With us being in a drought, my well developed a sulfur bacteria issue, which created a thick white stuff that was in my well pump, irrigation line and my water softener. It was also making my Koi fish sick. Chris did an amazing job with replacing the pump and dropping the line deeper and treating the problem. Now things are back to normal, with the exception we need rain. :^) I would highly recommend Coastal Irrigation to my family and friends. They do an amazing job, they respond to your call quickly and are affordable. I would also recommend their maintenance program. Chris comes out quarterly and ensures my irrigation system is working properly; checks the sprinkler heads and landscape lighting. GREAT JOB BY ALL!!!

Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing replied:

We are very pleased to hear your irrigation/pump issues are resolved. Hopefully the rain in the last few days has helped as well. Thank you for choosing Coastal Irrigation and being apart of our maintenance program!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Amazing work. Chris is very professional, he explain everything and he was able to fix our system. Great company. Thank you!

5 stars Customer since 2011

From my initial service call, throughout the service appointment very professional, courteous and understanding of my needs.

Have recommended to neighbors and friends.

Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing replied:

Thank you very much for the positive feedback. We appreciate your business and value you as our customer!

4 stars Customer since 2014

Everyone have been very courteous and knowledgeable regarding my yard. They have taken the time to explain all that was being done and why.

4 stars Customer since 2014

Everyone have been very courteous and knowledgeable regarding my yard. They have taken the time to explain all that was being done and why.

5 stars Customer since 2012

There always there when I need them and on time .Thank you

3 stars Customer since 2016

Good team, friendly and knowledgable. The equipment had several false starts and the service contract is pricey.

While away we like to keep the system off and when home mist only when needed. On a couple of occasions the system had surprisingly moved to auto, a shift that has completely used up all of the repellant while we were away and the shutters are down. This just happened last month and by the time we got to the house after a month absence there was no repellent left in the tank. We know we did not turn the system to auto because we could not use it and had it turned off when it was not working. The team that came to the house to fix a connectivity issue told me that they had filled the tank.

1 stars Customer since 2003

I am very concerned about the inconsistency of watching over our irrigation system. Although the rainfall is way behind levels, with our irrigation system, our lawn should not have the large patches of dry and dying lawn that it has. It has been getting worse week after week. I understand from a resident that you were here yesterday. Why would it take so long to address the obvious issues here? Isn't the lawn care company here every week? Shouldn't they be reporting issues that they see? Is it my responsibility to report on the weekly deterioration of the lawn? I welcome any supervisor to come out here and tell me why this has gone on to this extent?

President, HOA