80.9% would refer friends and family to us

1 stars Customer since 2012

Waiting room time was too long. Too much small talk in the operating room created a longer than necessary total visit time. totally unprofessional. The recommended treatment program resulted in costs significantly higher than the rates published in the insurance brochure, and the menu of additionally recommended treatments was crazy. I felt like I was in a discount car oil change facility where the mechanic presents you with a list of other things he thinks needs to be done. Sorry folks, I'm/we're not coming back. And please, don't call trying to make amends for this terrible experience. I/we don't want to be your patients....

3 stars

Considering the small amount we paid to participate in the plan I thought the care was good overall. I'd recommend their services.

My only complaint?

I lost a filling in a wisdom tooth. CD "policy" dictated this particular lost filling had to be replaced with a cap...or pulled.

Pulled, huh? No pain, no problems, it's just a hole.

The filling was fine for 30 years. I popped piece of bubble gum in my mouth, the bubble gum popped the filling outta my tooth. I've had fillings replaced before. Pulled, huh?

Pull one and your teeth shift, right? So, we probably need to pull at least one more healthy tooth, maybe three, increasing the misery factor, and the chance of infection, for policy.

I have two caps already at over a grand a piece. It's a wisdom tooth.

Another dentist filled the silly thing and three years later my teeth are all as healthy and happy as they've ever been.

4 stars Customer since 2007

I just completed a BriteOn! whitening appt. I am very pleased with the outcome. While the process for me was very painful given gum sensitivity, the staff was very good and invested the time to get my teeth close to the color I was looking for.

Coast Dental Gladiolus replied:

We're so glad you like the results of the BriteOn! We just began offering it this month, and so far patients have loved it.

3 stars Customer since 2005

Arrived 10 minutes early got in 10 minutes late while staff chatted in earshot of clients. I was asked to change my appointment to accommodate an opening in the schedule.

The DH was great as usual, gentle and caring and Dr Flora a new dentist seemed very nice.

Coast Dental Gladiolus replied:

Thank you for the positive comments about the hygienist and dentist and for your constructive comments about your wait. We hope to earn a perfect score on your next visit!

5 stars Customer since 2011

I had two fillings done yesterday at the office on Gladiolus by Dr. Flora. She was very gentle and I did not feel a thing. She was extremely professional and pleasant to deal with. She also explained some other things that I need to do for my teeth to remain healthy.

3 stars Customer since 2010

While I wasn't expecting the extra cost for cancer screening, I accepted it. Came home again with sore throat and cough...seems to happen every time I have my teeth cleaned. Not pleasant.

4 stars Customer since 2010

My only complaint is being on time otherwise everything is excellent:)

4 stars Customer since 2008

As always Cecil does an excellent job and I am grateful that you have such a caring person on your staff

5 stars Customer since 2011

I was very happy with hygienist and dentist.

5 stars Customer since 2003

It was the most pleasant dental experience I have had. Everyone was friendly and made me feel at ease. I have had several doctors' appointments and the staff were mostly miserable and unpleasant. Dr. Feine and his staff were very pleasant and made me feel very at ease. I would highly recommend to my friends to try Coast Dental in Fort Myers.