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I went in for a first visit teeth cleaning. I was told I needed a full dental workup. I thought that was reasonable. 3 Hours later, paper copies of my xrays in hand, and zero cleaning done, I left. I immediately contacted my insurance company to make sure they pay for no more than xrays. I wouldn't take my dog to that place. They seem to be more into 'milking the cash cow' than into doing any real dentistry.

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they should be shut down and put in jail

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There is absolutely no reason for me to spend 3 hours in the dental chair. Instead of getting done with me as soon as possible I was subjected to 3 hours of procedure. I suffer from Scoliosis and due to the time spent lying prone I had muscle spasms and to day I am in pain from my back.

I have had a root canal, 2 sessions of surgey for a bone infection (2 hours each) and a 3 hour procedure yesterday on the SAME tooth. Believe me I will not go through this again.

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they should be shut down and be put in jail what a disgrace

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My teeth cleaning was professionally done and my check-up went well. The office and dental suites were very clean. I did spend 2 hours in the office for a routine 6 month check-up. The dentist was really busy and it took awhile before she could get to me after the cleaning. I think she was overbooked!

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HORRIBLE! I will never come back!

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Moved to area recently. My 1st appt was rescheduled and confirmed by text. On my drive to office for appt. they sent a text to reschedle for 1 hour later. They would allow a patient to postpone appt for 1 hr on the fly. Rude. Then wanted to do many extra Xrays that I declined. I only wanted my new patient baseline and CLEANING. I get cleanings every 6mos so no problems. After 1 1/2 of nonsense...the gal says they can't do the cleaning today. Took the bib off and LEFT. Called my insurance company immediately and made a COMPLAINT. Called another local dentist and expressed my BAD experience and they agreed that everyone that goes there has a BAD EXPERIENCE. DO NOT MAKE AN APPT HERE>>>PERIOD!

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I have been to DDS every 3 months for over 35 years for my periodontal cleanings. Cst Dntl wanted over $600. for a cleaning, Dr. Sandaford charges $85, their hygenist gave me injected antibiotics and novicane while cleaning which is illegal, only a DDS can do that, it took over 2.5 hours. This is the most outrageous dental office I have ever been in and since I have traveled extensively in North America, I have been to over 30 dental offices across the country in the last 12 years. STAY AWAY!!!

This franchise is all over the country and wants your money only.

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Evaluation went well, but 1 1/2 hours in dental chair was way to long, waiting for Dental Tech. and then for the Doctor to come and talk about my teeth was tooooo long. 40 minutes was the actual wait for someone to do something, even the final wait for the cost to clean my teeth at the end didnt happen as I had to leave for another appointment.

Coast Dental North Fort Myers replied:

Thank you for your constructive comments. We apologize for the delay, and look forward to earning a perfect score on your next visit.

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A little slow in getting started but after that every thing went well. I must say they do have a hard sell, especially on electric tooth brushes.