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Nice environment. Nice people.

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Everyone was friendly and services were prompt. The hygienist was professional and pleasant.

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I have used them before and never had a problem except I was told I had two cavities that needed filled a few years back and the next exams I was told NO didn't have any. I started having a senstative toothe before Christmas and decided to go ahead and get a estimate and see what they said I needed done. Initially the dentist said I just needed a crown and they gave me a estimate of over $800.00 . I started the process and of course they wanted to money before I went back for each procedure. I paid each time I went cash. They dril and take tooth off the first time and make a temporary filling. I went through Christmas and I believe another vistit and each time he touched the tooth even under anesthia I felt pain. They filled it again and said go home and come back. I did, next time I felt pain again and couldn't go through with the procedure. So he says I'm sorry you need a root canal and it will be more money! I had been three times by then! So I knew that this was the case kind of in the beginning. We start the root canal after chistmas and I get very claustrophobic and panicky when my mouth is open too long, as I have some tmj. I heard him drill and do quite a bit of work , and then he said ok all done.

Wow I said thank you Jesus! So I waited awhile again to go back. Next time I go back they did get me in on timely manners. But they said oh he has to finish your root canal it will be about an hour. I said what? I thought that was done last visit? They said Oh no that was just part of it. I was in the chair and said lets get this thing over with. He injects the needle and I'm telling you it felt like he went deep down into my skull bone! I have never felt this much pain from being numbed up for dental work in my life! He is very rough! Other dentist have kinda shook the cheek while pushing in the needle to distract you from the pain. I don't do well from epinephrine in the shots they give you as it speeds of your heartrate and makes you feel very, very unstable. The procedure gooes on and and the machine breaks on them and they have to stop! Please don't tell me this is happening to me! My jaws are shaking from being open so long and I'm trembling! I'm literally having a panick attach and I then can't swallow! I try to swallow and motion for him to let me swallow and he sounded a little aggravated and says then swallow! So the thing they put over you face and mouth a rubber thing kept going up my nose when I would breath and I felt like I was suffocating. I heard him telling the assistant to go get something and he said you haven't been doing that to sanitize this each time? Great, now she's being trained on the job and using unsafe dental objects. I was in that chair over and hour and half or two and totally mortified. I have had three root canals and never had to go to a dentist 8 to 9 times to get it done! I do out in the wait room to leave and I felt the tooth hitting the top of my other toothe and it felt off. I didn't want to come back. I asked if he could grind it down although I was still numb. he did and I left. All week long the tooth was still high and the bite was off. I went back yesterday to see if he could even the tooth out even . They got me in timely and he was nice. So kept grinding the tooth and asking me how's that? I had to rub my tooth on that paper to see if it was right and after about 6 times I felt better. It felt a bit rough as concrete lke the temporary did. I said can you polish it and make it a little more smoother and he said , no not right now , see if that works and then come back! Now it get home and he ground it donw a little too much , to where you can see the metal post. And it feels like rough concrete. I don't think I will go back. and will get another dentist for root canals next time. I could never go through this again in my life!


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Always a great experience

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The mouth piece used that was red was too heavy while performing xray. Also the card used to xray was too big and scratched the roof of my mouth. The technician might have been new.

1 stars Customer since 2013

Staff is efficient, courteous.

5 stars Customer since 2004

excellent service, was able to get in earlier than my appointment and had my teeth cleaned and was out of the dentist office very quickly.

5 stars Customer since 2004

Pleasant visit. Very little wait time. Very freindly. April was great.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Great staff.

5 stars Customer since 2006

The hygienist was the best! Check out lady was great too! Excellent visit.