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Every one was so kind and the Dentist made sure that I was good and numb before he proceeded. Thank you for your kindness and understanding of my pain. Sincerely Corine A Davies

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professional, clean, knowledgeable, answers questions well


I went for a x-ray and cleaning which my insurance covers. I normally have 3 cleanings a year and pay extra out of pocket. After x-rays and examination, CDIC told me Dr. will perform cleaning unless I pay for "irrigation w/ medication". Essentially, I was held "hostage" on the dentist chair because they know I already wasted 2 hours in their office and already charged for xrays, evaluation, and "oral hygiene instructions".


Sad way of doing business. Yes, you got my $115 cash but you have lost a loyal patient for life. Fortunately, for me, my friends, and family; they will get ripped off by this practice. I think they really are desperate for money, they go do something else.

Go here if you got extra $115 to burn.

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friendly service and treats you like you're family.

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Periodontal treatment was recommended including scaling without previously taking pocket measurements. Treatments that were recommended had additional cost that was not covered by my insurance. This wouldn't be a big deal if they were explained well. Unfortunately the "insurance specialist" just stated that they would "not do a cleaning unless you agree to the additional treatments." I asked to speak with the doctor, who stated that they had "written up the estimate wrong". They did not do any pocket measurements, which are clearly recommended by the ADA and AAP prior to scaling (http://www.ada.org/sections/scienceAndResearch/pdfs/patient_23.pdf http://www.joponline.org/doi/pdf/10.1902/jop.2003.74.8.1237). I asked the doctor if they ever do a cleaning without the extra non-covered costs, and he said that they almost always do scaling because a "little plaque and tartar are almost always present." He also stated that he would not do a scaling without using an "antibiotic irrigation" which costs $100 and is not covered by insurance. The "insurance specialist" stated that they would not do a cleaning unless you agree to the extra charges. The AAP does not support the use of Long Acting Topical Antibiotics, except in certain instances (http://www.joponline.org/doi/pdf/10.1902/jop.2006.068001). One could therefore assume that short acting antibiotics, such as an antibiotic irrigation, has even less utility. I did not fall into any of the special circumstance for which the AAP recommends antibiotics, yet I was told that I could not refuse them. Admittedly, there is some controversy regarding the use of topical antibiotics following scaling, but the most comprehensive assessment done indicates that the added benefits from topical antibiotics are minimal at best (http://archive.ahrq.gov/downloads/pub/evidence/pdf/perio/perio.pdf http://www.joponline.org/doi/abs/10.1902/jop.1990.61.7.405). I feel that I should at least have the option to refuse a treatment that I feel was unnecessary. I understand that DMO insurance probably doesn't reimburse well, but frankly I would feel less taken advantage of if they had just told me they needed a way to cover their overhead. Instead they performed an incomplete exam (no pocket measurements), and REQUIRED additional non-covered treatment that has little scientific support.

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Pleasant office & staff. Prompt & professional

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The staff was friendly, but the dentist wasn't really friendly and didn't take enough time to thoughtfully consult/explain his diagnosis. I didn't connect to the dentist! Also, the charge for doing procedures were high. I only had my x-ray done, and decided to shop somewhere else for other procedures.

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Always attentive and thoughtfull making sure I'm as confortable as posible under the circunstances

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A Dentist should understand the word "ethics" and trying to sell magical irrigation gel for a routine 6 month cleaning is unethical by all standards. Kicking out a customer that wants to pay their regular $25 copay is also unethical by all standards.

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Great staff.

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very helpfull