Creech Import Repair

5 stars Verified customer

Great service as usual. Came in for a routine oil maintenance and it was done quickly. Jordan also let me know of a possible issue with a brake pad for next appointment.

4 stars Verified customer

Friendly, professional and more than accommodating when they're backed up with jobs.

5 stars Verified customer

Always professional and completely trustworthy. I never worry about being scammed.

5 stars Verified customer

I scheduled my 24 month service to drop-off my car the day of service. I arrived at 9 am and was notified that my car was ready by 2:15 pm. Everything that I requested was listed as completed and had been done professionally using my requested parts. The service charges were reasonable and I was not upsold on services that I did not request. I will highly recommend Creech Import Repair to my friends and co-workers.

5 stars Verified customer

They finished the job ahead of schedule and did so thoroughly, competently.

We came from out of town (about 2 1/2 hours away), so we needed to leave the vehicle for a while, before and after repair. They were very helpful and took good care of the car until we came for it.

It was all done right and for about $300 less than the price we were quoted by a local auto repair shop (a discount of about 12%).

Of course, we hope never to need their services again, but we are glad they are there if we need them.

5 stars Verified customer

As with every experience with your company

Thoroughly more than satisfied.

From the front desk,

To kindness,

To the Keurig and your waiting room,

To the quality work.

And gracing my slightly overdue warranty

You guys Rock!

And I am a picky bitch

Enough said

5 stars Verified customer

I made an appointment to have my front brakes serviced and oil changed. They had the work done in a few hours at a competitive price. Communication was prompt and professional throughout the process. I especially appreciate getting a call with the exact price including taxes before the work was started. Great service as always!

5 stars Verified customer

Always excellent!

5 stars Verified customer

As always I had a great experience with the guys at Creech. They are professional, honest, and responsive.

5 stars Verified customer

Creech Import Repair is the best automotive repair shop I've ever used. Steven clearly explained what was wrong and recommended repairs. He made sure to explain what was absolutely necessary for the function and safety of my truck and what was optional and could wait for later to save money. The service was fast and efficient with no surprises. I highly recommend Creech!