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1 stars Verified customer

I experienced the MOST unprofessional level of service today at a scheduled visit . While in a reclining position to start my filling and repair of crown, Dr. Reif begins to discuss the payment for services I was receiving and held off on beginning my scheduled procedure until she can be guaranteed payment. I advised her that I had a federally funded HSA (Health Spending Account) and payment will be made directly to her from the benefits plan once the claim is submitted today. She doubted me and stopped the process to grab her office manager to vet the information I was providing. I even went as far as signing into the website to show her details. She doubted me and in a very condescending tone, stated she’s not familiar with the program and will only do part of the process today, to see how and when she gets paid before she will proceed with the rest of the treatment plan. As I try to further explain, she kept taking over me and rushing stating, we need to move on with the process as she has other things to do. While in doing so, she instructed her dental assistant to take another Xray (probably 5th of the same tooth) to verify what needed to be done. My thoughts are, if you didn’t already know what needed to be done, why did you or were you quoting me hundreds of dollars ($767.60 to be exact) in copay for something you weren’t even sure I needed?? When I asked for further clarification, she became annoyed and stated we’re behind and we can do part today and the other part another day. This infuriated me as I’ve invested too much money and time in this business and truly didn’t appreciate the less than acceptable level of service of which I was receiving and have received in the past, but failed to comment on it. I think she’s great at what she does, but very unprofessional and does NOT know how to speak to patients or staff (based on what I’ve witnessed/heard). She honestly NEED to separate herself from the billing/ancillary duties and do what she knows best which is the dental aspects of the business. I admire her expertise and have often overlooked her unprofessionalism of how she talks to patients and staff, however the BUCK STOPS here! I like the location and cleanliness of the office, etc. but not at the expense of speaking to me in a demeaning and disrespectful tone and hassling me about payment when I’ve never owed them a dime. I deserve better as a patient and would NOT invest another dime with such level of unprofessionalism. Definitely would NOT recommend anyone to this office.

4 stars Verified customer

First appt and everyone was so kind and appointments were on time. Dr. Rief is very thorough!

4 stars Verified customer

First appt and everyone was so kind and appointments were on time. Dr. Rief is very thorough!

5 stars Verified customer

The best experience I have ever had at the Dentists office. The Staff is courteous and professional. Dr Reif is fast and thorough. You won't find a better Dentist in Baltimore.

5 stars Verified customer

Dr. Kelly and her staff could not have been more thorough or professional.

5 stars Customer since 2008

fantastic hygenist

5 stars Customer since 2017

The facility was awesome, clean and visually appealing. I waited no longer than 10 minutes after check in to be seen by the hygienist who was excellent. She explained everything and paid attention to my facial expressions and body language to inform her of my discomfort. Wished I had found them decades ago.

3 stars Customer since 2016

The Good: The front desk staff and hygienists are incredibly warm and attentive. I was partnered with Melissa who has excellent patient service - she is so kind and friendly and just makes you feel calm and completely trust her to do her job well (which she does :). She is a great person to have in your room during any dental procedure. Overall, I would say the quality of care I received from the office is good - no pain, high quality tools/equipment, and quick service. I am still healing so can't speak to the final outcome of my procedure but my initial response was pleasant.

The Bad: Dr. Rief is not nice - she is the complete opposite of her staff. When I was asking her questions before my procedure, she kept cutting me off, raising her voice, and talked down to me - very rude!. Based on previous reviews and my observations, this interaction from her may be the norm in the office. Dr. Rief, please be a bit more compassionate and friendly and learn from your staff how to treat your patients. Patient service is just as important as quality of care as it impacts your community's perception of your office as a whole and negates any good dentistry work you complete. In fact, the main reason why I waited so long after my initial consultation to come for my procedure was solely based on Dr. Rief's attitude during that first session (rudely answering questions, cutting me off - luckily I also had Melissa that day). Eventually, it came down to my feeling that I would have high-quality care so I returned.

Would I recommend this office? I would because of the high-quality of care and the amazing staff. However, I would recommend with hesitation because of Dr. Rief's attitude and poor patient service. Hopefully, she will see these reviews and course correct because once her (poor) attitude matches her (good) work, then I would give this place a 5 star rating.

5 stars Customer since 2015

I was referred by a friend and very happy that she recommended Dr. Rief. As my husband and i entered the office we were politely greeted by the staff and offered something to drink. We were both seen on time and Dr. Rief did a wonderful job in keeping my anxiety level down. My procedure was explained to me and was not painful at all. I will be returning and i will recommend her to others as well.

1 stars Verified customer

I have never written a bad review in my life but I thought it was nessesary for me to write a review on Dr. Reif . I was a new patient and based on the Internet reviews I decided to bring my entire family to this dental office to give them my business and let me tell you it was the worst mistake I have ever made Dr. Reif is very short tempered , unprofessional and has poor beside manors . Dr. Reif did some work in my mouth which aggravated a nerve which later resulted to a root canal I'm not saying she caused the root canal I do not think that was the main cause for the root canal because I did have severe sensitivity in this area prior , however I did bring this to her attention she said you don't need a root canal your over reacting and basically looked at me like I was stupid and smirked at me while I was in pain and sent me home I was so afraid to call the office because I didn't know how she would react she was upset at me for being in pain I suffered for two long days and I finally called the office and asked for a referral to a root canal specialist the receptionist was very kind and apologetic and she immediately gave me a referral for that day . I went to see the root canal specialist and he confirmed that my pain was a result of me needing a root canal he was professional he did an excellent job by performing a root canal .My husband and I decided to go to see an orthodontist while on the visit he advised that whoever had done the cleaning on my husbands teeth had not done a good job guess what it was Dr. Reifs office I didn't tell him who the doctor was but I did tell him about my experience and he immediately advised me of allot of errors that he personally saw pertaining to my dental work . That was it I immediately decided to never return to this dentist ever again. I'm only in hopes that this review may save someonelse from having the same experience it was such a terrible experience . Please do not allow this doctor to treat you or anybody you know in this manor I think she thinks that she's gained her stripes in the field and that she no longer has to be professional she can say or do whatever she wants at this point guess she's too high up there in the dental world that she forgot how important it is to be polite and professional . I'm still shocked I truly have never received such poor service from any doctor in my entire life I pray she resolves her serious anger and bad attitude issues .