83.3% would refer friends and family to us

2 stars Customer since 2018

The Good: The technician called ahead and was early for the appointment.

The Not So Good:

- The technician said he would only clean the return air ducts since the blower ducts were probably clean since they only blow "filtered air." I may have misunderstood, but thought every duct in the home would be cleaned.

- I was promised a paid receipt on completion of the job that included before and after photos. I never got it. I need that for an insurance claim.

- On scheduling the work I left several messages with the recording. Only one was returned and the conversation was too garbled to hear. I could not make a reconnect for 4 days when I called and someone finally answered.

- I posted a request for information on-line (on the Daffy Ducts website) but was never responded to.

4 stars Verified customer

Great professional job & Informative of their procedures

5 stars Customer since 2018

ROD was very proficient and knowledgeable. Very pleased

5 stars Customer since 2018

Rod was professional in every manner. He briefed us before he started work and provided us updates during the time he was at our home. He was extremely methodically and meticulous - a great representative for the company. I will definitely use this company in the future and highly recommend them to family and friends. Ask for Rod when you schedule service.

5 stars Customer since 2018


1 stars Verified customer

Although my technician was very friendly i did not appreciate the one hour delay and finishing the job at 9pm at night. Having my ducts cleaned before from a professional company that no longer servicing my area i expected truck mounted equipment with high standards. This was just a man and a huge shop vac and a brush that had not real scope camera to see what was in my vents or in my unit. Only a few vague cell phone pictures. This is not the cleaning that i thought i was receive spending a few hundred dollars. I could hae easily bought a shop vac from a home improvement store and do it myself. As a float nurse i know hundreds of people that i could have recommended this company, however i do not think that my ducts or the cleaning was done to the equipment standards that i was expecting. I am sorry but in this case i cant recommend this company to any of my friends or colleagues. Lastly i was told that the disinfecting solution was placed in the vents and though the system...in that case i should have been able for at least few minutes to smell it coming though the vents like i did previous years with a different company ...in this case nothing. I think in this case a refund will be fair!

4 stars Customer since 2018

My ducts were very dirty and are now very clean! The before and after pics were amazing! Only reason I can’t give 5 stars is because the vacuum died and although the technician said he was finished, I think he just stopped because he couldn’t do more.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Very thorough and efficient!

5 stars Customer since 2018

Very please with the service's I receive the technical was very knowledgeable and friendly and he was very respectful in my home .Great job.

2 stars Customer since 2018

Customer Service is meh, at best. It's like that older generation of customer service (ie, that older Comcast type of customer service) with little regard to the customer. Communication is bleak at best and YOU will the one that will have to find any information.

Duct cleaning was scheduled for 10am. 11.15am rolls around, no word from anyone. Not a peep. I called and was informed that I had an appointment at 10am (you know the type... like talking to a robot or someone reading a script). They had no clue where or why the guy was late. I had to reschedule for another date. Again, didn't show up on time. I called to get that robotic type customer service. Then the guy doing the cleaning called to say he was late (after he was late) and that he was 20 minutes away. 40 minutes later he called back saying he was on his way. Then another call later saying he had to make another stop.

I would not recommend this company purely on customer service. The actual cleaning... I guess was good... hard to tell since cleaning is done inside vents/pipes.