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Dalvir Pannu DDS' office provides professional dental care with excellent skills and reasonable prices. Congratulations to your success.

Anh Hung Vo


5 stars Customer since 2010

Had a molar extracted yesterday. Dalvir did a great job in taking out a very brittle, not easily accessible and broken off tooth and doing a bone graft. No pain and no swelling as of now. I expect to see a fully restored bone bed within six months. Hope to get an implant once the bone is fully integrated and strengthened.

2 stars Verified customer

Two and a half hours in the dental chair with my mouth open and there is this male dental assistant who has to take pictures of my tooth...he literally shoves cotton balls in my mouth without telling me sooner and his hands were heavy. I have sensitive mouth so my gag reflexes are high. I told him about his "heavy" hand and he denies having one even after apologizing...I am like, what?! am the one feeling it?!?! He then says that I have alot of saliva and he couldn't take pictures of my tooth, and I am here thinking...hello, its been 2 hours of procedure...my mouth is tired has gone through alot...He keeps on putting more cotton balls as i try hard to keep myself from gagging. When the procedure was finished, I still have one cotton ball and he saw me gagging again and he took it with his gloved hands and said," oh, you don't like anything put in your mouth", which i find offensive...by the way his name is Besha.

5 stars Customer since 2012

In preparation for several implants I needed the sinus augmentation and bone grafts . My experience was unbelievablely calm and pleasant and I was so relaxed with the amazing team work Dr. Sharon and her Assistant Erica provided. The communication they had with each other and myself was extremely comforting! Professional and friendly and truely carrying for the patient undergoing this type of surgery was a great experience!! I highly recommend anyone needing implants and periodontal work to have it all done by Dr. Sharon & Erica !! P.s. The music was a lot of help too !!!!

2 stars Customer since 2006

Not so happy this time... I was lil disappointed with the doctor who did my last treatment .

5 stars Customer since 2011

Excellent personalized service, very cordial staff.

2 stars Customer since 2006

I went to Cupertino office on MOn and arrive there by 3.20 PM. My initial appt was at 4.30 and then pulled in earlier to 3.30 PM. To my surprize, it was changed/recorded at 3. When I spoke with Veronica on Friday, I had told her to send an email to confirm the 3.30 appt as well. When I asked her on Mon, what happeded? She said she was too busy on Friday to send email confirmation. I drove almost 40 mins and they took the deductible in advance before performing any service. I had to leave as doctor said he has other people scheduled for 3.30 and 4.30. I have been going to Dr Pannu for last 6+ years. With this kind of service, if not improved much, I don't think it will bode well with other customers as well. Please look into it and provide feedback.



5 stars Customer since 2013

Treatment was really good and friendly service.

4 stars Verified customer

His office is very busy. I have never seen that many patients in any clinic before. Even though we were on time for our appointment we have to wait about 40 min before we were called. He is very nice and caring doctor though.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Good Dr's and nice people.