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1 stars Customer since 2014

I will not hire this family operation again, nor will I refer them to anyone. The work was completed satisfactorily, and Mr. Darling was prompt and professional. However, Mrs. Darling and son are both condescending and need a lesson in customer service. Our original bid detailed the costs of wire, labor, trench rental, and subpanel. We hired the company based on the bid, but upgraded the wire to 100 amp. We did not know what the final bill was going to be. We were not asked to pay a deposit despite the fact that original bid stated a deposit is required. Work commenced on Tuesday. Tuesday evening a handwritten invoice was given to my husband. The bill was $700 more than the original invoice. We expected a higher bill, but wanted to know exactly how much the wire cost as it was the only change to the bid. My husband called and spoke to Mrs. Darling. He requested a detailed invoice, and let her know that the work was not complete. During this conversation, Mrs. Darling asked my husband if he was not going to pay for the work. This was horribly offensive to my husband. She said they needed some of the payment right away. Later that night, I emailed the company asking for the detailed invoice, and I asked how much I should send via mail. I received a terse reply to pay in full on Friday when they returned to finish the job. On Friday, the first words out of the employee's mouth were, "Do you have the check?". When my husband asked about the detailed invoice, the son's reply was, "that's right, my mom said you wanted to know every screw used." This was exaggerated and rude. Angry, I sent an email to Mrs. Darling stating my opinion of this treatment. She replied by "apologizing" for my husband's misunderstanding effectively putting the blame on him. She said it was not their practice to provide detailed invoices. I received an itemized invoice, but it did not include the cost of the wire...and that is basically the only thing I wanted to know since that was the only change we made. I paid the bill on Friday despite the fact that I still don't know how much that wire actually cost.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Thank you for running the power line to my Tiki Bar

You provided a quick quote, and quick service

The men that arrived for the work were right on time, and provided quick and clean service

Thank you again

You will hear from us again, along with our friends !