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Knowledgable staff got the work done on my Porsche quickly and at a reasonable price. Preventative maintenance requiring the transmission to be removed. These guys know Porsches. Thank you, will do business with you again.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Prompt and informative. They informed me of my issues and did only what I asked for and recommended future repairs.

5 stars Customer since 2014

My experience with Dart Auto was tremendous. I took my 2007 BMW X3 in after the engine began to smoke and the check engine light came on. After describing my problem, the gentleman (I believe his name was Dave or David) gave my an idea of what he thought was wrong and an estimate of how long it would take them to diagnose the problem. Later that day he called to inform me that his estimates were correct and tell me how much the repairs would cost. After working on my car for a day, he called back to tell that they had completed repairs and also found a small blinker light out on the driver's side of the car (a problem that the dealership had informed me was corrosion on my rear tail light and would cost $400 to replace) and had gone ahead and replaced it for me at no additional cost. All the lights in my car were off when I picked it up and it has ran perfectly since. Dart Auto is the only place I will be taking my vehicle in the future.

5 stars Customer since 2013

The service at dart Auto is outstanding! David was very helpful with getting service accomplished on my Porsche Boxster.


5 stars Customer since 2014


5 stars Customer since 2011

As always service was fast and complete. I would recommend Dart Auto to everyone.

5 stars Customer since 2013

My '74 914 had been largely restored, then neglected by not being driven. It now runs beautifully. As the the woek progressed, I gained increasing confidence that the work wa being done with care and that the recommendations for new parts were correct and a sense of trust was, and did develop. I am most pleased with the outcome, the cost was what i anticipated, and I will certainly contact you again for servicewhen needed. Many thanks.

1 stars Customer since 2014

I am giving you a star just because you gave me a ride home. I honestly never waste my time filling out reviews for the service I gotten, but I think the owner can benefit from hearing this. I read about your great service in Yelp and decided to take my 2002 BMW to your shop.

I first entered the shop and was not even greeted by your front desk person (Christopher). I then went up to the little window and noticed the office and desk showing a great deal of disorganization and a quite messy place not to mention that Christopher never stopped eating while I was at the counter. He then asked me to fill out this paperwork when I had already filled it on your internet page when i made the appointment. After taking my info in, Christopher then asked me if I would authorize a couple of hours at $115 rate just to diagnose my Check Engine Light Codes. If you are a knowledgeable professional, it does not take two hours to "Diagnose" a check engine light code.

After I heard that, I decided to just have my oil changed since I knew the outcome of the rest of the work on my car would have been a fortune to repair at that rate.

Just to top it off, a few hours later, I had to follow up and call to check on the status of my car, just to hear, a "Oh yeah, your car is done". I would have appreciated it a call back when my car was ready to be picked up. I then came back to the your front desk and there he is, Christopher eating again and showing very poor customer service skills, by not even stopping eating nor being friendly as he did not care for the business.

I then picked up my car and called a certified BMW technician to look into the codes of my car. He came to the house as he is 100% mobile, diagnosed the issue (loose hose) in less than 5 minutes and told me exactly how it would be fixed and would cost me a fraction of what your "Diagnose only" would have been.

I wished I'd had a better experience but I think your front desk person lacks a great deal of customer service, your front office is less than desirable to look at and "Diagnose" practice are just questionable if you are honest.



5 stars Customer since 2009

No better mechanic in Co! I have been trusting dart and Dave for 4+ years and I could not have been happier! I have shipped in boulder, DTC, Lafayette, and Littleton. They have seen 5 of my P cars; c4s, S, CTT, CA and c2s.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Dave and the crew at Dart Auto are great. They know their stuff, provide clear and honest communications, and charge a fair price.