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5 stars Verified customer

Super staff! Extremely accommodating and eager to help. Dr. Leinet is terrific. Explains options clearly and made a terrific referral. I've been with a downtown dentist for 10 years. I've switched my care to Dental Associates. Would highly recommend!

3 stars Verified customer

First time patient. Went to Dr. Butts because he got good reviews. Waited for 25 minutes in the waiting room before even bringing me back. I was told my appointment would take 1 hour- 2 and a half hours later I left and had to pay for parking. I would have parked in a different place if I had know it was going to take so long. He is a good dentist I liked everything he had to say, but it seems he has little respect for people's time other than his own. Today for my next appointment he is late again. He is doing an exam during my appointment time. Again, just not thoughtful about other people's time. I am writing this review while waiting for him.

5 stars Verified customer

Very happy with Dr Fishman's crown work - not a problem afterward - best-fit on my gum & felt nature like original teeth.

5 stars Verified customer

I am very happy with the two crowns Dr. Fishman did for me - no problem afterward and best fit feeling natural on my gum! Would recommend Dr. Fishman for his excellent crown work.

1 stars Customer since 2013

Skimmers. i don't recommend!!

5 stars Customer since 2002

A patient for 20+ years, I could not be more pleased!

4 stars Customer since 2014

For me they have always been helpful and supportive; and I am a pain as a patient.

5 stars Verified customer

Kind staff. Clear explanations. Dentist went in on a Saturday when I broke my tooth.

1 stars Customer since 2014

I had a dental implant that seemed to be not big enough. Food would get caught inbetween the implanted tooth and the tooth next to it. It is so bad I have to make sure I have dental floss with me where ever I go. The food is sometimes so impacted that it hurts and I have to stop and remove the food from between the teeth before I can continue eating. I went and explained this to the dentists and was told that there was nothing that could be done. I wanted a new impression and new tooth but if the dentists admit then it might cost then. I was go to pay for a new tooth sure I would want a good discount but I understand that their time is not free.

1 stars Customer since 2015

Please note that this review is for Invisalign treatment.

I was holding off on writing a review, but 3 months have passed by since my last visit to Dr. Rotter at Dental Associates and I am still feeling uneasy about my smile. I was originally under Dr. Rotter's care for my routine dental exams and teeth cleaning (when Dental Associates was an in-network provider for my dental insurance) since moving to the east coast. Because I trusted him, I decided to follow through with Dr. Rotter's care for my express Invisalign treatment, while Dental Associates is actually out-of-network for my current dental insurance--yes, I paid in full for the treatment out of my own pocket, instead of turning to my current in-network dental provider for the treatment.

I qualified for the express treatment (6 months/10 trays) with Invisalign. My smile was not bad to begin with, but I wanted a "perfect" smile. During my consultation with Dr. Rotter, he took pictures and made molds of my teeth. At my next follow-up visit, he provided me my first set of trays, showed me the images of every transition with each tray-switch, and showed me my perfected smile at the end of treatment. I was excited. During the process, I had no issues, and was just looking forward to that perfect smile that I've always wanted since I was young. The result was where it went downhill.

After paying $3000, I expected my teeth to be straight and perfect, but it wasn't. Instead of requesting to have a re-evaluation to see if I needed an extra tray or two to achieve my desired smile, Dr. Rotter advised to sand down my 2 front teeth to achieve the straight, perfect teeth I was aiming for. I trusted him because he told he's been in this practice for 25 years. He began to sand away my two front teeth, but he took a little too much off on my left front tooth. (Now, we all know, we can't regrow our enamel.) I was mortified. I look at my smile every day, so I most certainly recognize every imperfection, especially now that my 2 front teeth are shorter than it once was, let alone, crooked on end of my tooth! As you can imagine, I was extremely upset because I just paid $3000 to have my teeth and smile ruined (my smile means A LOT to me). Dr. Rotter did not apologize or sympathize whatsoever. Instead, he had to nerve to tell me that I was being "delusional," and wanted to justify his mistake by telling me that my "lip is uneven, and nothing is ever perfect." This is NOT what I paid for, and this is certainly NOT customer service. I did not just pay $3000 out of my own pocket to have a licensed professional insult the imperfections of my physical appearance and my mental state of mind. I did not know which upset me more: the lack of customer service to mend the situation, or the fact that I paid $3000 for imperfect teeth. I most definitely left the office in tears--again, no remorse from Dr. Rotter or his staff.

I thought 3 months later, I would have adapted to what had been done to my smile. Unfortunately, I have not. I wake up and go to bed every night with dissatisfaction when I see my smile in the mirror, and still upset at the fact that I paid $3000 for a service that was not honored/received.

Unfortunately, I have not received any follow-up from Dr. Rotter, his staff, or Dental Associates since leaving that dental office with my broken smile.