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Liars. Horrible experience! The staff and manager lied about working on my daughter’s dental cleaning. They said they were working on her and my other daughter at the same time but I texted her and she was not even being helped yet. They thought because I was in the waiting room that they could tell me anything, but thankfully my daughter had her phone and explained to me that her particular hygienist was busy storytelling and not working. We were there for over 3 hours with an appointment and no additional work done. Please go to the back with your kids if you absolutely have to go here. Otherwise they will tell you anything.

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A few years back they were great, but now the front staff are rude girls and the office manager could careless about it because they’re friends. I don’t feel comfortable that my kids have to go back there without me. My daughter has been traumatized when she did go back there by herself because of the pandemic. She said that they were rude to her and kept having an attitude with her when she asked for me.

1 stars Customer since 2018

Came in this morning for my daughters appt just to be turned away due to no " verbal confirmation". They sent me an email confirmation and I confirmed that way the day before. Front desk told me that I unfortunately can not confirm that way..... why send the link????? Will never return because of the complete inconvenience and miscommunication.

3 stars Customer since 2020

Having since joining Denistry for Children, my sons dental appointments have been exceptional thus far. The facility is kept, the staff are welcoming, and the services are effective. I am more than appreciative and understanding of the additional measures they have taken to protect staff and other patients when receiving care, due to COVID; such as, less presence in the back unless warranted, spaced seating, and mandatory masks. Overall, I am pleased with Denistry for Children; however, my chief complaint was as of recent (01/18/2021). My son received dental work and I paid the estimated cost, but was notified of an outstanding balance of $89.00+. It was unusual, as I normally remit payment when services are rendered; however, management stated they receipted against my insurance for services performed and my insurance underpaid, therefore, I was responsible for the residual balance. Management then states I should’ve received an EOB in the mail, in which I did, detailing why they paid at the rate they did. I retorted, could you not revise the claim to reflect that of what insurance paid? Management rebuttal, for auditing purposes we cannot and it would be considered fraudulent. I was quite frustrated and could not gather my thoughts, I failed to express my concerns and simply figured, if insurance paid for a fee ‘equivalent’ to their fee structure, what’s the harm in notifying the customer and providing OPTIONS in their best interest and resubmit the claim for review; that’s not fraudulent. Management then concluded with, you could request for a pre-authorization prior to your next visit to ballpark what insurance will pay, but it’s not a guarantee...*of course*. My frustration stems from the bottleneck in communication, as the balance was from 11/23/2020 and he has been seen, since then. There was no notice given to myself via mail or telephone, to settle this cost, nor were options given to me to pay in increments or at a later date. Nevertheless, I understand I am responsible but it’s more efficient to communicate these discrepancies rather than during customers next office visit when they’re not anticipating those costs. It’s a disservice to your practice and your patrons.

2 stars Verified customer

They get too busy. They have multiple appointments for the same time slot. Your wait time here is 2-3 hours. Oh and if they give you a time card but forget to add you on the schedule and you show them the time card THEY gave you they blame it on you saying that you did a “walk in”.

They are rude. Unorganized. Understaffed for the amount of kids they schedule at once. Seems like they are trying to push too many appointments at once instead of giving the proper time and care for each kid. They rush and have no type of patience for kids. They expect kids to be perfect statues as they are cleaning their teeth. If your kid has a tiny itch they say “ he/she is very uncooperative reschedule!”

I’m glad I moved to a different actually professional dentist office

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Very nice staff and very clean as well

5 stars Customer since 2015

Everything went smooth & fast.

5 stars Verified customer

My son had a 7:30am appointment 12/29 and I have never been so pleased. Finally a hygienist and doctor with patience for my child who has special needs. If it was a case they didn't have patience, they wore it very well. My son will continue at the Austell location in hopes he'll have the same staff treating his dental needs.

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It was a pleasure they were very helpful

4 stars Customer since 2017

Dentistry for Children in Austell is like a well-oiled machine. It is always very busy when we are there, but everything moves smoothly and all of the staff seems to know their role in the process well. The staff is always very friendly as well. The only thing that I would say is missing is a more personal connection. Because there are so many moving parts and people involved in the process, there are no relationships made.

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