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HORRIBLE care. For 2 years my son complained of tooth pain to the dentist. He started dripping strange fluid from his nose and had a swollen face. When the dentist didn't see anything we went to ER. He spent 2 nights at Scottish Rite, CT scans and spinal tap because they believed he had a CSF leak when it was actually infection from a tooth!!! The dentist missed the tooth infection that over time had completely eroded the base of his sinus cavity and the tooth root had grown into the cavity and filled it with infection. This didn't happen overnight, it should have been caught. NO EXCUSES!

-They pulled my daughter's tooth and after waiting weeks for an appt and fitting for a spacer, it came in wrong. Waited several more weeks and they canceled the appt because of covid. When they finally fit her back in it was too late. Now having to spend $5000 on braces.

- They just called to confirm my son's appt only to tell me they canceled it and moved to another time because they are busy. She preceeded to tell me it wasn't their fault... the appt change wasn't their fault, the spacer/braces wasn't their fault, and the missing the infection for years wasn't their fault. You were paid to do a job (on children) yet you take NO responsibility! I wish I had been told about D4C sooner...please read the reviews especially how they do unnecessary work on children and almost kill them because of contamination. TERRIBLE AND SAD what they put these children through for $$$. They would never be okay with this treatment on their own children! Too many dentist in the area to keep putting my children's heath in jeopardy for unethical, overpriced, drive-thru dentistry.

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If I could give it no stars I would.

I am not normally one to complain and I always give people a second chance, however with this morrow office I did not and will tell everyone I know to NOT take their children here.

We went in for an evaluation on 3 things and we came out with a much longer list. But what made me the most upset was I was standing outside, COVID, and my 4 year old child ran outside to me and the people inside had no idea. I took him back inside and there was no one around the “bench” they were supposed to be sitting on. Then I told my children to sit where they were told and do what they are asked to do...and this hygienist said thank you momma for telling them that because they have had trouble sitting! Oh my! This was a new place and there was a thousand different things going on! I could have stayed with them and they would have obeyed but there was no adult in sight when I took him back inside.

Then the hygienists would walk outside with the children and say”is that your moms car?” Walking through the parking lot!!!

No way that is an ok thing. I understand Covid was going on but still you can call the parent to come to the door so you are not walking around the parking lot with their child.

Our appointment was at 12:30 and we left there at 4 and it was just an evaluation!!

I was so upset when I left there I made immediate arrangements to take them somewhere else.

This place will try to squeeze as much out of you as they can and what do we know...we aren’t dentists! All of these people who are not the wealthiest folks in the area are being taken advantage of it is not ok!!

Do NOT go here!!

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These ppl are so stupid. I made an appt for my child 2 years ago to have his teeth cleaned and yearly exam. We arrived as scheduled, signed in at the desk and then waited for an hour past our appt time. I finally told the tech at the desk that we could not keep waiting ...... at which she replied my child did not have an appt or at least they could not "find" him. She was very unconcerned about my child seeing a dentist. Another 15 minutes passed. She reiterated "no such patient exist in our records". We left. 5 minutes later I get a phone call from an "office manager" apologizing profusely and saying they had "located" my child's appointment time and could we come back. I told her no, that due to everything I was extremely uncomfortable with them for my child. TWO YEARS later these ppl are still sending me emails reminding me to make an appt for my child - IN ANOTHER CHILDS NAME. These ppl don't know what they are doing.

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Our new experience was terrible. The location is in a terrible spot and trafficked going that way in the afternoon is always bad. We were 14 minutes late trying to get through traffick and couldn’t be seen, needed to be rescheduled for a cleaning. Might have to find another dentist to see

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Great staff

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Friendly and professional staff, very helpful and explained things completely. Worth the wait and my daughter felt comfortable.

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its fine

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Quick and friendly approach.

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Thank you ,every time your service is excellent.

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It was my son's first check up yesterday and he did GREAT !! He had such a good experience that he asked me if he could return the following day ...