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Friendly, professional, on time and painless!

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As always, Dina really listened to what I wanted and hit the nail on the head. ISO glad I came across you guys over Five years ago.

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I literally do not recall anything in my life being as painful as the procedure I had done this past Wednesday. Childbirth, female surgeries.....none as painful! I thought I had researched enough information to make the decision to proceed with Kybella. I have never had any cosmetic procedures, in the past, and this particular product caught my attention. Thickening in the neck area is a family trait and I wanted to improve, if possible. The paper work I filled out asked all the normal skin concern questions and I was told, when I called to inquire about Kybella, that it would be a consult appt first and I asked to be scheduled to have the injections at the same time, if it sounded good. Dina was good and I have no complaints about her at all. The complaint I have is that I was never told how painful it would be. There was no consult! No discussion! We went right into the prep (took 40 minutes just for that) and then the injections. Excruciating is mild to describe the pain and to have to endure the 36 plus injections that seemed to last for 10 minutes was beyond traumatic. The extreme burning on top of the pain of the injections is indescribable. And then the dots/tattoos that take forever to come off. I would never recommend this to my worst enemy. I am sorry to be so harsh and I am not a typical complainer. I work in customer service and believe in serving others. I just had to come clean with this and simply recommend that your staff is more informative, in the future. Never was I told it would be so painful. The only thing I can hope is that the one visit makes for incredible results because I would never come back for a second go.

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I love the reults i got from juviderm voluma! I feel so confident now. Customer forver!!

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great team very friendly!!

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Dina is wonderful.! Recommend with highest stars!

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It was great!

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I always have such a pleasant time and love the new location very beautiful and peaceful and love my treatments turnouts always pleased!

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She is very professional and personable. Takes her time explaining products and helping you know what is the best treatment for you personally.