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Sorry to just be writing this now though my treatment was in January but I was away from my e-mail for awhile and just now have the time to sit down and sort through my messages. So, the spa itself is beautiful and my therapist, Lyz, was WONDERFUL. However, it doesn't excuse that when I called the first time I was on hold for 12 minutes (if you don't believe me, I can find my phone records from January); it doesn't excuse that when somebody finally did pick up she couldn't help me and tell me what treatments you still had available for a same-day appointment. So instead of telling me which therapists and treatments could be offered she told me to hang up, go to your website, call back with a list of treatments I'd like to try to have, and then she'd see if MAYBE they could squeeze me in for one. I have to say that had the other spas I called not been booked, I definitely wouldn't have called back, but because other spas were booked, I called back, and waited for another ten minutes before somebody answered the phone, luckily I was able to get in for a scrub. The thing that really sucked about my treatment was that I had to go shower off the scrub before my massage and you guys had NO hot water. Both Lyz and the girl at the front desk tried to help but couldn't get any hot water and the shower in the men's area was out of order. So that was really uncomfortable, imagine having a scrub in a nice warm room and then having to douse yourself in ice cold water. Not to mention I had a scalp treatment AFTER my body treatment and once again, had to go into the cold shower to rinse my head off. I didn't exactly leave feeling as relaxed or rejuvenated as much as I would have liked to. In fact I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel and get into warm water. Not to mention that during my second shower the lights completely went off in the ladies area. Let me tell you, that was so much fun, trying to find my way around the pitch black naked and wet while looking for a light switch. I actually meant to contact your spa about this after my treatment because I didn't even get so much as a sorry from the receptionist even though she was made aware of everything that had happened. Since my treatment was about 3 months ago I am hoping these issues have been brought to your attention, you have a great location and space but I wouldn't want to go back on my next visit which makes me kind of sad because Lyz is a gem.

Dolce Salon & Spa replied:

No need to apologize- we are so sorry about this! We will be reaching out to you shortly!

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People are nice but I had to wait long times before and while my appointment. Plus the service I got here was a lot more expensive than the same service of at least the same quality at a different place. Overall a good salon though.

Dolce Salon & Spa replied:

We're sorry to hear you didn't love your entire experience. We'd love a chance to make this up to you! Email us at [email protected] & we'll get back to you ASAP!

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Unfortunately this wasn't the best experience for me; I didn't get the color I asked for and will have to go back soon to get it redone.

Dolce Salon & Spa replied:

We're so sorry to hear that, Kristen! We always offer redos up to 14 days after your service. Give us a call at 480-722-0500 and one of our client coordinators would be happy to help you book that! <3

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Loved my massage and the environment

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I absolutely love Christina at the Lincoln location. She did a wonderful job with my hair as always.

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I felt so much more relaxed this tine because I asked that additional time be added to my services. I adore Lynne!

Dolce Salon & Spa replied:

Glad we could accommodate you, Julie! <3

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I am sad to say that I will not be returning to Dolce anymore. I love the salon's concept and have been referring friends of mine to Dolce for over two years now. It's become a tradition of mine to take friends to the salon for their birthdays or when out of towns guests come to visit. The last time I went, nothing went well and I don't feel that I was treated with the same level of respect that I have come to expect from Dolce. I voiced my opinion to the staff at the salon on my disappointment and their reaction made me want to walk out and never return. They actually made me feel guilty for their mistake. I will not leave details as this was hopefully an isolated incident and I still think the concept of Dolce Salon & Spa is awesome and have had great experiences there in the past.

Dolce Salon & Spa replied:

We would love a chance to contact you, but we are unable to do so because you have left these comments "anonymously." If you send us an email at [email protected], we'd be happy to hear more and try to make this right. <3

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Emily is an excellent stylist and when I leave the shop I always feel like a million bucks...today was no different. <3<3 her and her talent! I won't go anywhere else because I know I am going to love any service I have.

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This is my second or third facial with Alyssa and it's hard to believe that each one has been absolutely wonderful. I have had many, many facials and she provides the best I have ever had ! My daughter and I both had really bad experiences at the Dolce at Arrowhead and I thought I would never go back to Dolce...but luckily I found Alyssa at Scottsdale on Lincoln (formerly at the Borgata) and she is just terrific. I couldn't recommend ANYONE in Phoenix more highly than her ! She is the best!

Dolce Salon & Spa replied:

Yes! We love Alyssa too- she knows so much! <3

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Pam was great!

Dolce Salon & Spa replied:

Thanks, Tracy! <3