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1 stars

I called and was quoted $53 for a simple consultation (Telling the lady I do not have dental insurance) about having some work done so I went ahead a scheduled an appointment. I made it in earlier just to fill out all of the first time patient paper work. I'm not one to hand out my social security number so I asked do you need my social and she said no just put down you insurance company's information. I stated yet again I DO NOT HAVE DENTAL INSURANCE. It was know by all I didn't have dental insurance. They call me back and take me to get some x-rays of my mouth and Mr.Bohne came into the room and discussed my options and concerns. All was well until I went to pay for my consultation. The lady that again was aware I didn't have insurance came up with a $177.00 grand total when I was told I would only be charged $53. Then she even went one step further and said she was doing me a favor and gave me a discount of $69. Excuse me but is it my problem you quoted me something then after multiple times of telling you I didn't have insurance you try to stick me with x-ray charges. I will never step foot back in this office.