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1 stars Verified customer

I returned Dove's phone call about my Son cleaning having to be rescheduled due to the office now being closed on his appointment date. I stated why I was calling, and the receptionist reminds me I'm due to have fillings removed. I stated that I wasn't due to have them removed, and that I'd be going to get a second opinion for myself as I mentioned to one of their Dentist I would like to get them removed and filled in white, and was advised not to, but as soon as I get coverage through work, it became necessary just a few months later. The receptionist got rude and tried to get me to change my mind, and I said I wish not to discuss it, and continued trying to reschedule my sons appointment. After not listening to a word I had to say, I was put on hold, and hung up on. I called back to discuss the change in my sons appointment as I would like his teeth cleaned before we go on vacation, and the second receptionist still wasn't listening when I stated to change the insurance option, and put it through my work. After repeating myself 6 times, she finally understood what I was trying to say, and I stated this is ridiculous, and asked how I can get our dental records. I was already going to get a second option else where for myself because of previous issues; feeling ripped off, given false and mixed information, certain dentist only wanting to see you if your paying cash and letting it be known, and now the rude receptionist I decided leaving Dove would be best. Before I could finish asking how I could get our records, I was cut off, and hung up on. I have never been treated so poorly. I myself am a receptionist and would talk to any of my work clients the way I was treated at Dove Dental. Completely unacceptable, and unprofessional.

5 stars Verified customer

Very professional, the Dentist was extremely goo

5 stars Verified customer

I had a great first visit. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly.

Very professional.

5 stars Verified customer

was a very pleasant experience

2 stars Verified customer

I called, and spoke with a receptionist about my last appointment details. I asked if any cleaning was going to be done, and I was told yes. I also stated that i would like, at least my bottom row clean during my visit. she said she would note it, yet no cleaning was done and it was never mentioned.

Previous to this, the second last extraction I received, never should of happen. I had on of your dentist remove a tooth that had no problem with it what so ever, as i was complaining about the tooth next to it. At my most recent visit, I'm not being told by the dentist, she is unable to tell if there is a cavity or not. this is the same tooth, i tried to get removed previously, but instead a perfectly healthy tooth was removed because, "there's no use for it".

5 stars Verified customer

I keep visiting Dove Dental because they provide good dental care.

5 stars Verified customer

when i was there everyone was very nice, polite and very professional.

4 stars Verified customer

The hygenist let water go down my neck three different times when I was getting my front teeth filled. She covered my glasses in water spray and one time it went all over my arm. The dentist was excellent but the hygenist needs to turn the water down.

5 stars Verified customer

I found the staff very helpfull.The staff answered any questions I had and offered assistance with any concerns I had. The staff always told me to call in with any questions.The staff were friendly,and always smiled.The Dentist,..Dr.Rasheed went over my health records with me and answered all questions.Dr. Rasheed was very friendly,and very Professional.He would tell me what he was going to do,before he did anything.He was very caring and kind.Over all I had a great experience each time I went in.Thank you to all!!

5 stars Verified customer

I came in for cleaning and when I mentioned that one crown was bothering me the dentist came right in to check it. As it turns out, it wasn't my crown but a bad filling in the tooth beside it. That made my day! Now I am getting the filling replaced this Saturday.