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Everyone is so nice and welcoming

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Everyone was wonderful!

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Excellent service!

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Great office staff and Dr. Uyesugi is very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you

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Beautiful office, very nice staff, and great service.

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I came in after not seeing the dentist for at least 4 years and was so nervous! Everything from being checked in by the girls at the front, to talking to my hyenist and dentist was amazing and made me feel extremely comfortable. Tina is the greatest and did everything she could to be gentle also, she was very informative and told me what was happening when it was happening and that calmed my nerves even more. Dr Takeda and Sara were great as well! They both were gentle, informative, and made me aware of everything they were doing. Sara even went as far as to help me visualize what Invisalign would look like if I decided to do it with some pictures of before and after.

I have never felt as comfortable or at ease at the dentists office as I did here. I’d reccomend them to anyone!

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I think the secretaries and front desk staff are all amazing, including everyone that works there. My one huge complaint is that my name was butchered and I think just like every other workplace, ya'll could use some sort of training on cultural sensitivity. My name is not pronounced Merisol, as in Parisol, my name is a beautiful Mexican name and even if one can't roll the r, calling me Mari would work. I meant to have a conversation with folks there but I was just too tired to do so. San Jose is extremely diverse and there is no looking forward to having my name butchered in 'mainstream' culture. I'm not saying that anyone assumed that I wanted my name Americanized or whitified, but if you're going to work with clientele from various ethnic backgrounds other than your own, it would be wise to invest in a cultural sensitivity training to at the very least ask someone if that's how you pronounce their name. That is my only complaint.

Not everyone in San Jose who isn't white wants to assimilate and nowadays who's to say what the dominant culture even is. Please ask people if you aren't sure how to pronounce their name. If you can't even with guidance, that's okay. Trying to pronounce someone's name shows leaps and bounds more than whitifying someone's name and making an assumption that they want to be thrown into a box with Mary and Jane and Dick and Tom. I'm a Xicana and am very proud of my cultural heritage and the way my name is supposed to be pronounced. Thank you.

Uyesugi Dental replied:

This office has complete understanding of what you are saying.

Dr. Kazuya Uyesugi is a proud Japanese American-his name is mispronounced on a daily basis.

We have team members with various cultural backgrounds and very unique names. Many of them have their names mispronounced on a daily basis as well.

Please do not be offended if we happen to mispronounce your name in the future.

Kindly let us know-we have noted your name preference in your record.

Thank you for the nice review.

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Best dentist & staff so awesome! They care about you and your teeth! He has been my dentist for at last 30 years! They stay current w technology & practice.

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Everything went well great friendly staff.

Thank you

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My teeth are clean and happy! Thanks guys